Produce your own energy and save on your electricity bill

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Why contract solar energy with Lumisa?


Reduce your electricity bill by consuming solar energy from your panels and receive financial compensation for the surpluses that you pour into the network.

Custom installation

Installation of solar panels in your home financed in comfortable monthly installments.

100% green energy

Consume clean energy with your solar panels helping the environment.


Take advantage of subsidies in the installation and discounts in the IBI of up to 50% according to your municipality.

Do you want to produce your own energy?

Come to Lumisa, we buy your excess energy at the best market price. And best of all, solar panels generate significant savings on your electricity bill in the long term.

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What services do we offer?

The photovoltaic solar energy service offers a complete solution, adapted to your needs, so that you can benefit from the energy that you feed into the grid.

Free estimate without obligation

We analyze your situation by type of home and prepare a proposal according to your needs.

Management and legalization

Our installers will take care of all the legal procedures, which depending on the location and type may include building licenses and administrative authorizations.

Advice on subsidies and bonuses

We help you find the subsidies and tax credits available in your area, benefiting you up to 50% in the IBI. In addition, take advantage of the aid of up to 45% in the installation established in Royal Decree 477/2021, of June 29.

Flexible payment method

We offer you financed payment solutions so that you can meet the cost of your installation according to your needs.

Installation of solar panels

After approving the budget, we will install your solar panels in your home.


We take care of the maintenance of your facilities and their correct operation.


From this moment you will be able to start producing your own energy and save on your bill with Lumisa.

Next Generation EU Grant

At Lumisa we help you submit your application and process the Next Generation EU grant established in Royal Decree 477/2021, of June 29, which approves the direct concession to the autonomous communities and to the cities of Ceuta and Melilla of aid for the execution of various incentive programs linked to self-consumption with installation aid of up to 45%. Consult our advisers for more information.

Our solar panels
include everything you need

The TrinaSolar TallMax 450W module integrates various technologies with a maximum power of up to 450 W. It also includes the FusionSolar Smart PV Management System App with which you can track the amount of energy you produce every day. The installer grants a guarantee of 2 years on the work carried out, 10 years on the solar panels and a production of at least 80% of their labeled power in 25 years.

How does self-consumption work?

The operation of the self-consumption system is based on the generation of clean electricity through the use of solar panels. For this reason, you will only need an available surface to install the solar panels, either on a roof or on the ground.

Solar panels take advantage of the sun's energy to produce electricity, thus reducing your electricity bill. The new regulations allow our photovoltaic installation to be installed over a distance of up to 500m. The amortization of a self-consumption installation will be between 6 to 10 years.

When the solar panels generate more energy than necessary, this excess energy is stored in the batteries. This energy can be used when the solar panels are not working, such as at night or in cloudy days. However, they require a higher initial investment.

The inverters convert direct DC electrical energy into alternating (AC).

The alternating current is connected to the electrical panel so that it can be used by all connected electrical devices.

If the energy generated by your solar panels is greater than that consumed, the surpluses or surpluses are injected into the electricity grid and we will compensate you for them, thus increasing your savings. The compensation in no case It may be positive, that is, even if the value of our surplus is higher than the value of the energy consumed, the marketer will only compensate us up to zero cost. According to Royal Decree 244/2019 by which the surplus energy of your injected photovoltaic installation the network will be offset on your electricity bill, on a monthly basis.

The bidirectional meter is the device that counts the energy that flows from the electrical network to the consumer, but also counts the energy that the consumer injects into the electrical network.

The installation is permanently connected to the network, so you will never be without power supply.


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