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Cancellation of the supply

The low supply implies the cutting of the electricity supply of your home or business. If at any later time you decide to re-register the supply, you will have to face the costs regulated by Royal Decree 1995 / 2000. We list them for you here.

It is recommended to request the cancellation if a supply point is going to be uninhabited or without use for a considerable period of time. Remember that if there are outstanding debts from the supply point, the unsubscribe from service.

You can also unsubscribe through the cancellation form. Fill it in here and send it signed to

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The unsubscribe applicant must be the owner of the contract. If you are not the owner, you must provide a photocopy of the applicant's DNI, NIE or passport and an authorization signed by order or by absence.

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We need a photo of your identity document to verify that the identity number entered is correct. It can be a DNI or NIE.

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Only original, valid documents are accepted (no photocopies or lost/stolen reports)

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Date of withdrawal of supply

A minimum period of 5 business days will be necessary to activate the withdrawal of the supply. The withdrawal of the supply will be conditional on the signing of the contract, once the signature is made, the management will begin at Through the Distributor, giving at least 5 business days in advance, in accordance with the regulations.


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