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We recommend the indexed rate or at cost price, in which the price varies every month since in the long term it is usually the cheapest.

Price of the energy you consume at cost price.

Monthly fee of only 3.9 € for management expenses.

The amount of the monthly price of the energy term will be calculated by periods by multiplying the price calculated as established below in the following formula:

Indexed Price = [(OMIE + ADJUSTMENTS + RO + CO) x (1 + PR(%)) + FNEE + BS] x (1 + CD(%)) + ATR

OMIE = Average price for each tariff period of the result of the matching of the daily Spanish electricity market

RO = Remuneration to system operators (REE) and market (OMIE)

PR(%) = Losses from transmission and distribution networks

BS = Contribution to the social bond

ATR = Access tolls

ADJUSTMENTS = Includes, among other terms, the costs of adjustment services, interruptibility, capacity payments, and other concepts of energy supplied in the daily market

CO = Operational Marketing Cost defined in the particular conditions

FNEE = National Fund for Energy Efficiency

CD(%) = Cost of diversions

Additionally, LUMISA will invoice an amount of 3.9 € per month for management expenses.

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