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At Lumisa we care about you ...

We are with you, and therefore, due to the state of alarm decreed by COVID-19, we have established extraordinary measures to help the self-employed and SMEs. Access each of our measurements easily and from your home.

Defer your bills

As a Lumisa customer, you can postpone your electricity bills during the alarm period and pay them fractionally from June. Remember that in order to activate this service you will not have to have invoices pending payment.

Modify your power

While the alarm status is in force, you can temporarily modify your supply contracts in order to adapt their contracts to their new consumption guidelines.

Calculate your power

Calculate the fixed cost of the electricity bill during the alarm state. If you are considering changing the power to reduce the fixed cost of the invoice but you do not know how much you would save or how much you would pay if you requested, use our calculator.

Suspend your supply

If you are not going to make any electricity consumption, you can request the temporary suspension of the supply, restoring normally once the alarm state has ended.

We provide facilities to our clients ...

The objective of this plan is to guarantee the energy supply to our clients without affecting the quality of the services.

No power outages!

Lumisa will not perform any power outages or make any outages due to non-payment of electricity during the state of alarm in relation to the COVID epidemic- 19.

Strengthening of our digital channels

Our Customer Service and Technical Support department will continue to provide full service. For this reason, we have enabled teleworking systems protecting the health and safety of our employees, attending to the fulfillment of our commitments and reinforcing the telematic and online options.

We continue to assist you on our free phone 900 811 473 , as well as the email atcliente@lumisa.es. We also offer you the WhatsApp enabled 633333839 and the WeChat ID: lumisaeu (633333839)

Sending invoices through digital channels

Regarding the distribution of invoice shipments by post, we regret to inform you that after the publication of Royal Decree 463/2020 the functions of sending invoices by post will be interrupted until further notice by the competent authorities. Therefore, and in order to receive your invoices correctly, they will be sent through the email provided.

In the event that you do not have it, we urge you to register at our Client area so that you can view and download them in PDF format

Solidarity masks

In the face of the pandemic, we all have to collaborate together. The State Grid Corporation of China began to worry about the Chinese abroad when the coronavirus outbreak began to spread rapidly in Spain, due to the lack of medical materials and materials for the prevention of contagion, which is why it contacted Lumisa at first. , wishing that through Lumisa we could distribute the masks. Right now there are 10,000 masks on the way to Barcelona. For more information

Collaborate with us

We adopt prevention measures for our employees ...

The objective of this plan is to protect the health of our workers and facilitate the reconciliation of work and family life of the people who work in our company.

Security measures

We have put in place the necessary measures to guarantee security for those who come to the office during quarantine. For this reason, the necessary tools for such prevention have been provided since its inception.

Medidas de seguridad

Hemos puesto en marcha las medidas necesarias para garantizar la seguridad para aquellas personas que acudan a la oficina durante la cuarentena. Por ello, se han facilitado, desde el inicio de la misma, las herramientas necesarias para tal prevención.