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Does the change of marketer have any cost?

The change of marketer has no cost. Although there is the possibility that your former marketer apply penalties for the breach of the contracting time, so it is advisable to consult the marketer if there is a penalty.

It is important that you do not confuse signing up with changing trades. The highs are for when there is no supply.

Will I lose power during the change?

No. At no time or under any circumstances you will be without supply due to the change of marketer.

Is it necessary to make a change in my installation to change my sales company?

You do not need to make any changes to your meter or your installation. The change is administrative, so technically everything remains the same.

Could I go back to my company in case I change my mind?

Of course, you are free to leave since there is no commitment to stay. If, once the change is made, you are not satisfied with our services, we will provide you with everything possible to complete the return process..

Do we necessarily have to change the electricity company?

The move to the liberalizes market necessarily means a change of company, but you can contract with a trading company of the same group as your current distribution company.

Will I have to continue paying a receipt to my previous company?

No. As of the date that the supply is with us, your previous company should not charge you any receipt with a later date. Although it is true that, although the collection is subsequent to the date of change, it may belong to a billing period prior to the date of change.

What is the difference between a distributor and a marketer?

To know how the electric sector works, let's start from the beginning.

The producers are responsible for producing energy. In our country there are different production plants such as:

  • Conventional thermal power plants
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Or alternative energies such as wind farms, photovoltaic power plants.

- The carriers are responsible for the transport of energy in high voltage, in our country is the Electrical Network of Spain (REE).

- The distributors, remain regulated by the State, and are responsible for maintenance and the different areas of the country

And finally here we enter the marketers like Lumisa, who are in charge of buying the energy and billing it to their consumers using the distribution networks. If you want to know more about this, here is the link

Does changing power have a cost? 

Yes. The distributor is responsible for the collection, and we the marketer manage it. If you ask for a change of power you will get the detailed costs of this in the next invoice that you generate after having requested it. 

How to make the change of marketer?

The light commercialization change is a fast and totally free management.This is carried out when we want to go to another company because they offer better prices or better services. In addition, in no time you will not be without light during the management of the change.

If you have decided to contract with Lumisa, we will briefly explain the steps to follow. If you contract through the Customer Service telephone or website you should follow the following procedure.

1. To make the change to Lumisa, you must provide the following documentation via email or fax at or 931 815 993 or Whatsapp 633 33 38 39.

  • In the case of a company, CIF of the company 
  • or ID of the owner or administrator.
  • Last electricity bill 
  • Photocopy of the bank account number.

2. Once we receive the documentation, we will proceed to send the contract to the shipping address.

3. A copy must be kept and resend by postal mail.

4. Once we receive the contract, we will proceed to make the change. The change may take between 15 or 20 days depending on the distributor.

5. A final liquidation invoice will come from the previous merchandiser.

6. Lumisa's first invoice will close the billing cycle. From the second invoice will begin the natural billing cycle.

So you do not have to worry about anything since we will handle the procedures quickly and efficiently.

Who is responsible for registering new supplies?

The distributor is responsible for supplying a supply point without service, that is, it is responsible for reviewing all the technical documentation issued by the installation company, ensuring the safety of the supply point and placing the ICP and / or the relevant counter.

They are also the ones that receive the cost that you have to pay for accessing the network. This cost is regulated by the State. See cost section.

Does the registration of a supply point have a cost?

Registering an electricity supply or reactivating one that has not been used for more than 3 years has a cost regulated in Royal Decree 1995/2000 of December 1 that the distributor will charge you through Lumisa:

  • Access rights: it is paid when contracting a new supply or by increasing the power of an existing supply with an amount of 19,70/kW.
  • Extension rights: it is paid when using the infrastructure of the distribution company in the case of new supplies, when the power contracted increases or if the supply point has not been used for more than 3 years with an amount of 17.37€ for each kW.
  • Engagement rights: it is paid at the moment in which the electrical installation is connected to the supply network with an amount of ​9.04€.
  • Verification rights: paid when carrying out the installation review with an amount of 8.01€. 
  • Guarantee deposit: according to what is established in article 79 of Royal Decree 1955/2000, it is the amount to be delivered, at the time of contracting, for an amount equal to the monthly theoretical turnover corresponding to fifty hours of use of the contracted power .

Is it necessary to provide technical documentation?

To register new supplies, it is necessary to provide technical documentation. In this case it can be a CIE (Electrical Installation Certificate) or a BRIE (Recognition Bulletin) issued by the installation company.

The CIE can be replaced by the BRIE when it is a second occupation and the installation meets the following requirements:

  • Power less than or equal to 20 kW.
  • No change of activity.
  • It is not public concurrence.
  • The withdrawal from the previous contract was less than a year ago.

Who can issue me the technical documentation?

An installation company or an authorized installer can issue you the technical documentation that certifies that the installation is correct for the discharge of the supply.

How long does it take to register? 

As soon as we have all the required documentation, the distributor takes 5-7 working days to activate a low voltage supply point.

What is the difference between registering a supply and making a change in sales?

When we talk about registering, we refer to supplying a point where previously there was no light. In this case, you have to process the connection file directly with the distributor of your area to obtain the CUPS.

On the other hand, when we talk about a change of marketer, is when we already have electricity and is contracted with a company, but we want to go to another because they offer us better services or more competent prices, or because we make a change of owner and prefer a different marketer.

In we explain it in more detail.

Who can issue me the technical documentation?

An installation company or an authorized installer can issue you the technical documentation that certifies that the installation is correct for the discharge of the supply.

What is the telemanagement counter?

Telemanagement is an intelligent reader of electricity consumption that can be replaced by traditional electric meters. Its advantages, among others, are that it can read consumption remotely, make real readings, faster incidents.

The Royal Decree 1110/20017, Order ITC 3860/2007 and IET 290/2012 which obliges the distribution companies to replace the current meters, with power less than or equal to 15 kW for meters with telemanagement capacity before 2018.

How can I read my meter reading?

To read your meter you will have to follow some steps:

1. It is necessary to identify your accountant. For that, you have to find the counter number that appears on your invoices.

2. You have to identify the access rate to know how many reading periods you have to read:

  • 2.0A - one period
  • 2.1A - a period
  • 2.0DHA - two periods
  • 2.1DHA - two periods
  • 3.0A - three periods

How can I contribute my meter reading?

After reading your meter reading, you can call us at 900 811 473 or write to to provide us with the reading. We will need to identify your supply point, so it is also necessary that you indicate the CUPS number, universal code of the supply point.

What is the cost of meter rental?

The cost of renting equipment is set by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda, which is regulated by Order IET / 1491/2013, of August 1, which reviews the electric power access toll.

Therefore, the marketer will charge the rental of equipment, although it really is a payment that is paid to the distributor because it is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the same.

These prices will depend not only on the price of the equipment but also on the costs associated with its installation and maintenance. Therefore, the average cost for renting domestic light meters is € 0.81 for single-phase meters with time discrimination and with the possibility of telemanagement. And € 1.36 for three-phase meters with time discrimination and with the possibility of telemanagement.

What benefits do I have activating the client zone?

From the customer area you can check all your invoices in PDF format and download them. You also have a management section where you can make owner changes, power and claims. It is totally free you only have to register in this link

How can I consult any questions about my invoice?

If you have doubts about your bill, you have several options:

Where can I find the schedule of each electricity tariff? 

As established in Order ITC / 3801/2008 of December 26, the schedule is regulated as follows:

- Rates without time discrimination: the same price throughout the day.

- Rates with time discrimination: different price according to time zone. There are three schedules according to the time of day:

  • Tip: It is the time period with the highest price since it is the most requested.
  • Valle: The period with the lowest price.
  • Llano: The hour period with an intermediate price.

Time discrimination also varies slightly according to the time of year and the power of the tariff.

- Rates 2.0 DHA (less than 10 kW) and 2.1 DHA (between 10 kW and 15 kW):

  • In summer: Valley (23h-13h) Punta (13h-23h).
  • In winter: Valle (22h-13h) Punta (13h-22h).

- In 3.0 A (from 15 kW):

  • In summer: Valley (23h-9h), Punta (12h-15h), Llano (9h-12h / 15h-23h).
  • In winter: Valley (1h-9h), Punta (18h-22h), Llano (9h-18h / 22h-1h).

We have an article that we explain in detail here

What is the CUPS code for?

Apart from being something like our fingerprint to identify the installation and where the supply resides, it is necessary to carry out any management with the distributors, distributors, public administration, etc.

What is the CUPS code?

It is the Universal Code of the Supply Point. It is a unique code for each energy supply (electric / gas) that identifies it. Start with the sequence ES followed by 20 digits.

What happens if I do not pay my electricity bill in the term?

In most cases the payment of electricity is usually made by direct debit. In this case, if the payment is made late, the marketer will proceed to notify payment of the same by mail or email within a period of 7 working days.

That is why if the payment of said invoice was not made within the term, the markerter could make a commission for non-payment management. It is a commission that, for each fee that is unpaid, will be made at the moment in which the first written claim is generated requesting its regularization.

How can I make a change of owner? 

In order to make a change of ownership, keep in mind that:

  • The change is always requested by the new owner.
  • The new owner becomes responsible for the invoices.
  • The amount of the first is calculated pro rata.
  • We do not charge to change the owner, but in some cases you may have to pay your distribution company.

The request to change the holder can be processed online in a very fast and simple way through the web You only need to have on hand a recent invoice, the bank account and the DNI of the new owner.

If you want to discuss it in more detail, we have an article in our blog with the step by step to follow

Who is Logalty?

Logalty is the third trusted party that intervenes between the parties to a contract or online notification to guarantee and safeguard, in a neutral and independent manner, all the processes generated in the electronic transactions carried out. In addition to guarantee the integrity of the process without taking into account, the content of the documents is secured before a notary.

Can I make arrangements such as changing the owner or marketer, among others, by phone or e-mail? 

Yes. We advise you to do the online procedures because it is the fastest way and you can attach the online documentation directly, but if you prefer, you can also do it through our phone number 900 811 473 or our e-mail

Here you have all the details of what we are going to need that you give us to do it .

When do I need to change power?

If you never "jump the leads" you probably have room to lower the power; If, on the other hand, they skip you often, you are already at your limit. In the event that you add new appliances or increase the use, you will probably have to contact your electricity company to discuss an increase in power.

How do I know that the contracted power is inadequate?

The power you need will be determined by several factors. A very intuitive way to know if our power is inadequate is the following:

1. Turn on all the appliances in your house at once. If the leads do not jump, it means that surely you have a power over what you need and have some margin to decrease it.

2. If in the daily use of your electrical appliances often jump the house leads, is that the power you are using you fall short, and you will have to expand it to enjoy more comfort.

See our article "What is the most suitable power for me?" that will solve your doubts about this topic. 

How to request a change of power?

If you want to modify the electric power, you can contact us by email requesting a power change request form. Once it is filled out and signed, it will be resubmitted for the start of the management.

In the same way, you have the option to do it online, conveniently and quickly through the web -potencia/es.

It will only be necessary that you have at hand:

  • Address of the owner of the electricity supply.
  • Personal data of the administrator.
  • Current and new contracted power.
  • CUPS, which appears on any invoice.

How much does it cost to make a power change?

The modification of the electric power supposes a cost of 9,05 € in base to the rights of enganche. Which are charged by the distributor of the area and will be paid on the next electricity bill.

As well as, an amount of 15€ per power change management.

When is the new electric power activated?

The power change is made in a processing period of 15 to 20 business days. Once the request to change the power has been received by the marketing company, it will duly inform the distributor of the area. Which will send an authorized technician in charge of regulating the ICP to establish the new power and check its operation.

What can I do if I run out of light? 

In this case, we recommend that you verify that you are not the only point of supply without service. If there are more neighbors without service, you have to call the distribution telephone number to communicate the incident, since in this case the fault is in the external network. If you are the only one affected, it means that the fault is inside your facilities. In this case, you have to call an electrician for repair and distribution without the person in charge of the incident.

How can I know what type of rate I have contracted now?

Check one of your bills, and the upper part offers you the access fee and next to the information about the type of rate you have currently hired:

  • Rate 2.0
  • Rate 2.0DHA
  • Rate 2.1A
  • Rate 2.1DHA
  • Rate 3.0A
  • Rate 3.1DHA

How can I find out which is the most suitable rate for me? 

The most suitable rate for you, will depend on the type of supply, if it is a house, the type of housing, the people residing in it and what they spend, a small room, a large company, etc.

If you have any questions about which to hire, do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist you via telephone 900 811 473 or e-mail

What is the difference between tariffs with time discrimination or without discrimination?

With hourly discrimination means that the price of the fare varies according to what is consumed in different time slots. Without discrimination, it is a fixed price 24 hours a day.

What is a electric trader?

A marketer is in charge of buying the electric energy and billing it to consumers. We use the networks of the distributors. At Lumisa, we are part of the free market, that is, we set our own rates, add discounts and always look for the most competitive prices in the market.

If I'm renting, can I switch to Lumisa?

Yes. As a tenant you have the right to choose the electric company that you prefer, in the same way that we choose the telephone company, cable television, internet, etc.

Can you contract in all of Spain?

We are present throughout the peninsula. At the moment, for technical reasons we have not yet reached the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla but we plan to offer our services in the future.

What we offer?

Our main objective is to offer the most competitive prices in the market and be the alternative of large companies, being faster, more efficient and more versatile. With a special and close treatment with the client, attending to all your needs.

How can I change Lumisa quickly and easily?

Changing to Lumisa now is very simple and fast. Through the section "Hire in 1 minute" you will have to click and will direct you to a form that you must fill with all your data. You should have at hand:

1-Contact information: photocopy of ID, telephone number, etc.

2-An electric bill of supply. It contains the CUPS number you will need.

We will ask you to attach these two documents to make your contract.

Once sent, you will receive a confirmation email to your e-mail address, where you must enter your ID, and you will be sent by mobile phone a PIN that you will have to enter (through Logalty) and the contract will be signed.

If you wish, you can also manage it by phone or e-mail.

Can I have more than one supply contract? 

Of course, you can have as many supply contracts with us as you wish. For example, if you have a home address, rental location, company ... etc. and you want to hire them with us, we will look for the rate that best suits each case, according to the need.

What is an electrical supply point?

It is the physical place where the connection is connected to the distributor's electrical network. That is, the place where the supply is, in your home, office,...

Who will come to read my accountant?

The distributor of your area will be responsible for going to read your meter.

What is a public venue?

Considerations on the CONCURRENCY PUBLIC PREMISES: (According to section 1 of the ITC instruction BT-28 of the REBT-2002) Premises for entertainment and recreational activities: Cinemas, theaters, auditoriums, stadiums, sports halls, bull rings,
hypodromes, amusement parks and fixed fairs, party halls, nightclubs, gambling halls. Meeting rooms, work and health uses.

  • Whatever your occupation: Temples, museums, conference and congress halls, casinos, hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants or similar, common areas in groups of commercial establishments, airports, passenger stations, closed parking lots and covered by more than 5 vehicles, hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums, asylums and nurseries.  
  • If the usable area is more than 40m2: libraries, teaching centers, medical offices, commercial establishments, offices with the presence of the public, student residences, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, cultural centers, social and sports clubs.
  • All those premises not considered in the previous sections, when they have an occupancy capacity of more than 100 people.

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