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From Lumisa we advise you to carry out the procedures online because it is the fastest way and you can attach the documentation directly online. Access each of the online procedures that we offer according to the required procedure.

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From here you can change the holder of your electricity contract.


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Do you have a fault?

At Lumisa as an energy trader, we focus our activity on the purchase of energy in the electricity market. The electricity distribution and maintenance lines are owned by the distribution companies.

For this reason, any incident in the supply is the responsibility of the distribution company. The distribution companies have customer service telephones in case of breakdowns where you can contact to solve any problem related to the supply electric.

If you have a breakdown at your supply point, we will provide you with the distributor's technical assistance telephones. If your distributor is not listed here, you will find it in the 'Faults' section of your invoice.

Mapa Distribuidoras
  • Endesa Distribución
  • Iberdrola Distribución
  • Unión Fenosa Distribución
  • Hidrocantábrico Distribución - EDP
  • Viesgo Distribución

Please select the Distributor in your area on the map.

IBERDROLA DISTRIBUCION ELECTRICA, S.A. Breakdown telephone number 900 17 11 71
ENDESA DISTRIBUCION ELECTRICA, S.L. Breakdown telephone number (Andalucía, Extremadura, Castilla La Mancha)
Breakdown telephone number (Aragón, Catilla y León, Navarra)
Breakdown telephone number (Cataluña)
Breakdown telephone number (Islas Baleares)
Breakdown telephone number (Islas Canarias)
900 85 08 40
900 84 89 00
800 76 07 06
900 84 99 00
900 85 58 85
UNION FENOSA DISTRIBUCION, S.A. Breakdown telephone number 901 20 30 40
HIDROCANTABRICO DISTRIBUCION ELECTRICA, S.A. (EDP) Breakdown telephone number 900 907 001
VIESGO DISTRIBUCIÓN ELÉCTRICA, S.L. Breakdown telephone number 900 10 10 51
BARRAS ELECTRICAS GALAICO-ASTURIANAS, S.A. Breakdown telephone number 900 10 10 51
SUMINISTRADORA ELECTRICA DE CADIZ, S.A. Breakdown telephone number 900 373 075
DISTRIBUCIÓN ELÉCTRICA CREVILLENT, S.L. Breakdown telephone number 900 373 187
ESTABANELL Y PAHISA ENERGIA, S.A. Breakdown telephone number 900 154 444
ELECTRA CONILENSE, S.L.U. Breakdown telephone number 900 373 531
MAESTRAZGO DISTRIBUCIÓN ELÉCTRICA, S.L.U. Breakdown telephone number 900 373 285
SUMINISTRO DE LUZ Y FUERZA, S.L. Breakdown telephone number 800 500 500