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At Lumisa as an energy trader, we focus our activity on the purchase of energy in the electricity market. The electricity distribution and maintenance lines are owned by the distribution companies.

Any incident in the supply is the responsibility of the distribution company. The distribution companies have customer service telephones in case of breakdowns where you can contact to solve any problem related to the supply electric.

If you have a breakdown at your supply point, we will provide you with the distributor's technical assistance telephones. If your distributor is not listed here, you will find it in the 'Faults' section of your invoice.

Mapa distribuidoras
Breakdown telephone number
Andalucía, Extremadura, Castilla La Mancha 900 850 840
Aragón, Castilla y León, Navarra 900 848 900
Cataluña 800 760 706
Islas Baleares 900 849 900
Islas Canarias 900 855 885

Breakdown telephone number 900 171 171

Breakdown telephone number 900 333 999

Breakdown telephone number 900 907 001

Breakdown telephone number 900 101 051

Do you have any incident?

Remember that before making a claim, you can consult the most frequent questions about your contracts and help you more easily and quickly.

If you have not received your invoice, you can join Lumisa by registering at Customer Area, where you can view all your invoices already issued and download them whenever you want. There are several reasons why you have not received your invoice. One of them is that the invoice has not yet been issued. Yes, on the contrary, it has been issued:

  • Digital invoice : if you have activated the sending service by email, it may be in the spam section. You can also check in your Customer Area that the email address where we are sending you the invoice is correct.
  • Wrong postal address: check that the address provided is correct and complete.
  • The contract is not active: only invoices for active contracts are issued.

Your reading is probably estimated, since your meter could not be accessed. To regularize the reading, you will need to provide us with the reading by calling us at 900 811 473 or via email, indicating us Also your CUPS number.

  • Excessive consumption due to a seasonal peak (air conditioning, heating ...)
  • Estimated readin
  • Several months billed at once
  • Discount not applied
  • Penalty for excess power in the case of customers with tariff 3.0A

If you have questions about any item on your invoice, we have a article on the blog where we explain it to you in detail.

By bank window or transfer, the payment of an invoice is not effective until 3 working days have passed.

If you have contracted the 3.0A rate, it is possible that the billed power and the contracted power do not coincide. There can be three assumptions, depending on the maximum power demanded compared to the contracted one:

  • Less than 85%: If the maximum power demanded in the period to be billed is less than 85% of the contracted power, the power to be billed will be equal to 85% of the aforementioned contracted power.
  • Between 85 and 105%: If the maximum power demanded, registered in the billing period, is within 85 to 105% of the contracted power, said registered power will be the power to be billed. The maximum power that has been demanded will be billed, exactly the one reflected by the maximeter.
  • Greater than 105%: If the maximum power demanded, registered in the billing period, is greater than 105% of the contracted power, the power to be billed in the considered period will be equal to the registered value plus double the difference between the registered value and the value corresponding to 105% of the contracted power.

The bank charges generated by the return of any receipt are borne by the Customer in her next invoice.

The non-payment of any invoice will accrue default interest, as well as administrative management expenses generated by the subsequent claim to the Customer of the unpaid debt corresponding to an amount of thirty-five euros (€ 35), as established for this in the law to combat late payment Law 3/2004 of December 29. In addition, in the event of two or more consecutive or alternate returns due to non-payment of invoices, the invoice will be sent to the address provided by the Customer for payment in any of the entities provided by LUMISA, transferring to the Customer the bank charges caused by the return of the same. You can consult section 6.5 of the General Conditions.

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The clients of Lumisa Energías, SL may also make a claim through the Customer Service email or Calling the free phone 900 811 473.


LOPD Rights

The data protection regulations allow you to exercise your rights of access, rectification, opposition, deletion ('right to be forgotten'), limitation of treatment, portability and not to be subject to individualized decisions.

What rights can I exercise?

You have the right to contact the person responsible for the file in order to request the following information:

  • If personal data is being processed.
  • The purpose of the treatment.
  • Information about the origin of the data and the transfers made to third parties.

You can request the person responsible for the file to rectify your data. In addition, you can request that your personal data be canceled.

You can oppose a third party using your personal data for any treatment.

You can request in a single document all the data that has been collected about it.

You can request that your data be used only for certain purposes.

You can request not to receive commercial communications.

You can exercise your rights through our form, requesting Access, Rectification, Cancellation, Opposition, Robinson Customer, Deletion, Portability of data and Limitation of treatment.

Any claim received is registered in our computer systems and the client may request information about it in any of the indicated channels. COMPAÑÍA LUMISA ENERGÍAS, SL undertakes to answer any claim as soon as possible possible, which will not exceed one month from the date of receipt of the same in our claims service center. This reply is intended to inform the client of the actions that have been taken or will be carried out to solve the incident. The answer does not necessarily imply the solution of the incident, since on many occasions it may require actions in which the time exceeds the time set for the answer.


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