What are the subsidies for solar panels in 2021?


What are the subsidies for solar panels in 2021?

What are the subsidies for solar panels in 2021?

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A couple of weeks ago the Spanish government approved a package of 1,32 billion euros in subsidies for self-consumption installations, behind-the-meter storage and air conditioning with renewable energies.

The amount is divided into two batches, the first of 660 million, which can be extended up to the indicated figure as they are implemented. These measures, included in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, will be in charge of the municipalities, which will distribute the part assigned to them in the municipality.

This measure comes after the government approved the new electricity tariff model on June 1, which varied the whole spectrum of pool schedules, and after reducing VAT on electricity to 10% for a large part of households at the beginning of July.

The objective is to make progress in the implementation of renewable energies and decarbonization CO2 emissions will be reduced by more than one million tons per year, it will also generate a growth of 1.7 in GDP and generate more than 20,000 jobs. The Ministry of Ecological Transition estimates that it will contribute to the construction of 1,850 MW from renewable energies and will help the air conditioning of 40,000 Spanish homes.

What aid is available for installing solar panels in 2021?

The aid package divides the budget between the residential sector and the business sector, differentiated, broadly speaking, because the former has a fixed percentage of subsidies, while the latter is subject to the initial investment made for the infrastructure.

The subsidies will be earmarked for equipment and materials, civil works, electromechanical equipment, management and monitoring systems, project drafting, etc.

With regard to the figures, the 1,320 million euros earmarked for this package are divided as follows:

  • Aid for self-consumption facilities: up to 900 million euros. In the case of individuals, subsidies reach 40% for the installation of solar panels, 50% in the case of collective self-consumption.
  • Subsidies for storage behind the meter: up to 220 million euros. Individuals will receive a 70% subsidy for storage.
  • Aid for air conditioning with renewable energies: up to 200 million euros. A range of 40% to 70% has been established for individuals, in subsidies for green air conditioning, which will depend on the technology used.

In the case of companies, subsidies vary between 15% and 45% for photovoltaic solar energy, depending on whether it is a large company or an SME or an installation of less than 10 kW, and public administrations will benefit by 70%.

Existing subsidies

It is worth remembering that there are also fiscal aids for individuals who decide to opt for self-consumption in their homes. On our website you can consult in detail the table of subsidies distributed by Autonomous Communities and type of deduction. AA. and type of deduction. However, it is the municipalities who decide the percentage of subsidy on:

  • ICIO (Tax on Constructions, Installations and Works): from 30% to 90%.
  • IBI (Real Estate Tax): between 30% and 50%, between 3 and 5 years.
  • IRPF (Personal Income Tax) deduction: up to 20% of the investment made.

Check the requirements set by the Spanish Government and find out if you have the option to benefit from these deductions.

According to a study by Otovo, the Spanish cities where most people can benefit from these subsidies are Ávila, Ceuta, Palencia, Segovia and Soria, with 100% of the analyzed population. Barcelona is the first of the large cities in this respect, with 84% of the population. On the other hand, there are other localities that none of their inhabitants meet the requirements to take advantage of the aid. These are Álava, Albacete, Cáceres, Jaén and León, among others. Finally, Autonomous Communities such as Catalonia (81%), Aragon (85%), La Rioja (78%) or Madrid (71%) stand out for having the highest percentage of inhabitants who can benefit from the IBI deduction, as well as the ICIO deduction.


Within the plan there are certain special cases that the Ministry has taken into account in order to accommodate the maximum number of people. Therefore, in the first case, those small municipalities that do not exceed 5,000 inhabitants, as well as the set of several rural populations that do not exceed 20,000 people will benefit from a 5% increase in all the discounts of new creation explained above.

On the other hand, large installations exceeding 100 kW will have to publicly report some of the characteristics of their electrical installations, such as the origin of the electricity, where the equipment has been manufactured, as well as the effects of their activity on SMEs and the self-employed. The environmental impact of the activity and the durability of the investment will also be monitored.

Finally, the companies benefiting from these subsidies will have to have an indication of the performance of the infrastructure. The same applies to public administrations. In the case of private individuals, monitoring can be carried out by cell phone.

Commitment to self-consumption

Apart from the bonuses we have mentioned, from Lumisa we encourage you to go for solar energy because we believe it is the best option to save money in the medium term and contribute to the consolidation of a greener future with energy produced 100% in your home. Request your budget from the website and find out how much you could save on your electricity bill thanks to self-consumption with the simulator.


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