Difference between a marketer and a distributor


 Difference between a marketer and a distributor

Difference between a marketer and a distributor

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Many people are not satisfied with their electricity bills, this is usually one of the reasons why other alternatives are considered. When looking for a change of company, there may be doubts about the distribution and marketing companies that can sometimes lead to confusion. We want to explain to you what is a distributor and a distributor and their respective functions. Next, we will tell you all the details.

What is a distributor and an electric trading company?

If we had to explain it in a simple way, mainly, we would say that the electricity distributors have the infrastructure to distribute the electricity. They are responsible for the maintenance and distribution of the electricity supply. They are regulated by the State and are distributed in different areas of the country. We could not choose things according to the geographical area.

In contrast, marketers are those that offer electric service to consumers. They are responsible for buying energy and selling it to their customers, using distribution networks. These, unlike the former, can be chosen. It is also the burden of giving support with the incidents related to the supply in the house. It is the mediator between the distributor and the client.

What do distributors do?
  • Solve electrical faults.
  • Maintenance of electric meters and maximeters.
  • Reading of the counters of all users.
  • Maintain the quality of the electricity supply.
  • Communicate with the marketers to inform the consumption of each client.
  • The commercialization of the indication and the processing of the changes of owner, rates, power, registrations and cancellations, change of owner, etc. that users request and they are the ones that do it.
What do marketers do?
  • Buy electricity and offer it to users through the electricity network in the area.
  • Billing to the users through the consumption data provided by the distributor.
  • Direct communication with the distributor of customer requests.
  • Some marketers can offer personalized prices, discounts and rates adapted to each specific need. Others, the social bonus and the PVPC.            
What are the different types of marketers?

Regulated market marketers

They are the best known, the references of always, since they are the largest. Their prices are fixed by the government, therefore, they can not choose discounts. They offer the regulated tariff PVPC for users with power below 10 kW and the social bonus. For customers with power exceeding 10 kW who are not entitled to the PVPC have the dissuasive rate.

Free market marketers

They are the ones that establish their own prices and offers, they can have permanence or not, they can even establish an agreement that adapts to the needs of each client.

We Lumisa, we are part of the free market. We believe that the most important thing is to offer our best prices in a personalized way for you, according to your needs, with competent discounts that help you save on your bills.

As we know how important it is to feel calm when making a change and we are sure that we can offer you the best service, we do not have permanence. We bet not for the obligation, but for giving the best of Lumisa and thus earn the trust with our customers.

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