What is the CUPS number and what is it for?


What is the CUPS number and what is it for?

What is the CUPS number and what is it for?

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The CUPS code is the Universal Code of the Supply Point. It is unique and non-transferable for each dwelling, premises, commercial space that has a discharged facility. We can identify it in any of our electric bills and start with ES followed by 20 digits.

All places with electrical installation activated, have this code that would be like your personal ID number. If we do not have it, it is because the electrical installation is not yet registered, therefore, we do not have electricity. It is mandatory that all active supply points have this number. 

Where I can find it?

It appears at the top of all your electricity bills. This number does not vary, it will always be the same, that is, you only have to always have an invoice on hand to be able to make any inquiry.

What is it for?

It is necessary to perform various tasks such as registering the electricity supply, changing the marketing company, requesting a power change, making a change of owner, etc. It is essential for any management that we want to do.

The electric distribution companies are responsible for assigning the code for each different point and they are the same ones that are responsible for carrying out the reading of the meter.

In the following table we show you an example of CUPS code and the components that are part of it.

The first two letters are representative of the country, in this case Spain. The four digits that follow identify the electricity distribution company in the area, then find the digits assigned by the distributor that are unique for each supply point, and at the end sometimes two letters appear to control the possible errors.

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