How to save energy with your TV?


How to save energy with your TV?

How to save energy with your TV?

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Gone is the time when televisions were perhaps one of the electrical appliances with the highest electrical consumption. Those bulky electronic objects with cathode tubes that spent hours on lighting keeping company in homes, today have given way to modern super-flat screens with technologies based on LED with ridiculous energy consumption in comparison.

However, this does not mean that these televisions represent a lower cost in homes since they consume electricity while they are used, but also while they are at rest.

In this guide we will show you how we can save a few euros on the monthly electricity bill thanks to an intelligent use of the television, and how to choose a new one in case of having to change it.

3 simple tips to reduce the energy expenditure of your tv

Be careful with the "Stand By" mode of your television

Despite the fact that it is usually a consumption to which we do not pay special attention, the Stand By mode, or waiting for the electrical appliances can account for up to 12% of the electricity consumption of an average home. Knowing this, use disconnectable power strips, so that when you are not going to use the devices for a long time, or during the night, you can disconnect them in a generalized way. This will significantly reduce your electricity bill.

Using energy saving mode

New generation televisions have a protection mode and low consumption. This means that if you activate it and configure it correctly, after a period of inactivity it will lower the brightness, dim the image or even turn off by itself, reducing its consumption by between 40% and 100%. Make saving mode your greatest ally.

Adapt the standard configuration to your home

All TVs are configured with factory settings. This means that the manufacturer wants to offer the best overall experience to its user whatever it is. For this reason, when the software is installed, it is predefined with maximum brightness, HDR connected, and other functionalities such as true motion or similar. All of this makes the image processor work much harder, thus heating up and consuming more. Adapt the values ​​to your living room or bedroom. Choose a suitable brightness and work with the settings, for a significant savings.

Reduces filling hours

As we have spoken before, many families, but especially older people or alone at home, use television as an accompanying “white noise”. In fact, they are not even looking at the TV, but it continues to consume at full capacity. Let's change these habits and replace old habits with others like listening to the radio, or reading. The savings in a house doing this is estimated between 10 and 30% of normal TV consumption.

How to choose the most efficient tv on the market

Apart from the advice that we have been discovering in this article, an important part of saving begins with choosing the right television model for our home and needs. Make sure to choose a television that is the right size for the place where you are going to place it. The larger the size, the greater the electricity consumption.

Bet on leading brand manufacturers, who have EEC certificates and clearly show their energy consumption (verifiable in the manual and on the energy class label that is usually displayed in the store).

We recommend that you choose categories A or higher (A ++ is the maximum level)


Using television in an efficient and intelligent way can facilitate the reduction of the dreaded electricity bill in our month to month. This is not negligible even more so considering the prices that electricity is reaching in Spain.

You can read more tips to save on your electricity bill at

Article prepared by in collaboration with Lumisa Energías, S.L.

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