Why hire an indexed rate?


Why hire an indexed rate?

Why hire an indexed rate?

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At Lumisa we want to continue revolutionizing the energy sector and offer more alternatives to our customers, that is why we launched our new indexed or cost-price rate.

The rate of electricity with an indexed price is the one that offers the price of electricity at the price of the electricity market. Therefore, the customer will only pay the cost of energy at the same price that the marketer has paid.

It should be noted that in these rates a small monthly fee has to be paid to the marketer, which can be a fixed monthly fee or a fee that is subject to the KWh consumed by the customer in their billing tranche. At Lumisa we will only charge you a small monthly fee of € 3.9 for management expenses.

Your electricity bill will be very similar to fixed price bills, only that the values ​​that will appear in the energy term will vary depending on the time of day.

Advantages of the indexed price

The indexed price is advantageous due to the following characteristics that we present below:

  • Savings in the electricity consumption bill.
  • You will be able to see at all times the price of energy stipulated by the Spanish Electricity Network.
  • You will be able to adapt your consumption to the different tariff periods by shifting the activities of great electricity consumption at these times.
  • You can change your rate when and how you want at any time.

Rates with indexed prices are especially recommended for those users who can concentrate their electricity consumption at night or in the morning. In that case, it would be best to hire this rate.

Indexed prices are also recommended for large companies. These usually have a high electrical consumption but maintained during the hours. The indexed price will allow them to save and take advantage of a much more competitive price given its characteristics.

What are the differences between fixed price and indexed price?

To better understand the difference between the fixed price and the indexed price, we must take into account a concept, Risk.

With the indexed rate, the price of energy is the one set by the electricity market. In this type of rate, the risk is assumed by the user since the fluctuation of the electricity market will be reflected in his bill.

On the other hand, in the fixed rates, the marketer marks a fixed price with the client that applies for a certain time (normally one year). The trading companies are the ones that assume the market risk and apply premiums to their rates. In this type of contract, the fixed price will largely depend on when the fixed price of electricity is negotiated.

Now you know why you should switch to the indexed rate. and Take advantage of the opportunity and contact us to carry out a study of your personalized case and get a good offer! For more information, consult the indexed rate on our website.


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