Why install a charging point?


Why install a charging point?

Why install a charging point?

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More and more people are considering buying an electric vehicle and, therefore, installing a charging point for their vehicle.

With the installation of a charging point in your own garage, you can fully adapt it to the measurements and characteristics of your vehicle and thus the charging time will be much faster.

Type of installation

The first question will be where the charging point will be located:

Single family home or private garage

The installation of a charging point in a single-family home is one of the simplest installations since if the contracted power is sufficient, you will be able to have your electrical installation directly.

If, on the other hand, the contracted power is insufficient, you must charge the electric vehicle at night.

Community of neighbors or community garages

The installation of a charging point in a community garage requires written notification of the installation intentions to the Community of parking owners, according to Law 49/1960 on Horizontal Property. In the vast majority of cases, the installation can be started a month after the communication.

Company or business

The installation of a charging point in your business will provide a new source of income for your company. In addition, it is a great option to offer your employees an additional service that is increasingly in demand.

Charger types

The next step will be to choose the type of charger, where we will find two types:

  • Wall charging point (Wallbox). They are WallBox type charging points that have a specific hose and are exclusively for electric vehicles.
  • Charging point with conventional domestic plug. They are plug-in type charging points with a box installed on the wall.

When you are clear about the location and type of recharging point, you should request your recharging point in our web form and our advisors will contact you and send you a totally personalized study.

Remember that there are a series of requirements and conditions to install a charging point. For this reason, it will be necessary to have a 230/400 VAC supply point equipped with ground connection, with a general control and protection panel and measuring equipment.

In addition, at Lumisa we help you submit your application and process the Plan MOVES III grant established in Royal Decree 266/2021, of April 13, which approves the direct granting of aid to the autonomous communities and the cities of Ceuta and Melilla for the execution of incentive programs linked to electric mobility (MOVES III) with installation aid of up to 80%.

Request your personalized quote for the installation of your charging point according to your needs through our web form and we will contact you to offer you a personalized study.


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