What is the most suitable power for me?

What is the most suitable power for me?

What is electric power?

It is the amount of kilowatts (kW) that simultaneously supports the electrical network of your supply point (house, premises, floor ...) When you have several electrical devices (washing machine, dishwasher, oven, vacuum cleaner ...) turned on at the same time and they “jump the leads ”that indicates that your power is inferior to what you are asking for at that moment.

The contracted power allows to have a certain number of appliances, if you go over the kW automatically they will jump and you will stay in the dark until you turn off any of them to return to normal operation.

How can I know what power I currently have?

The contracted power is included in all your invoices in the concept of “contracted / billed power”. If you are not sure you can call the marketer you have hired to inform you.

And how do I know if it's right for me or not?

1.- If “leads jump”

If with the daily activity and the use that you usually give your appliances never or rarely jump leads, is that you have the right power. If, on the contrary, it is something recurring, it will mean that you need to increase your power or manage the use of appliances in another way.

2.- To more power more expense?

It depends. Your power is the fixed amount you pay each month. If you do not consume much and have a high contracted power, it would be good to reduce it to save on your bills. But be careful, because having a very small power is not synonymous with saving, if you lower it and they usually jump you will mean that it is not the one that suits your needs.

Keep in mind that raising power costs money. That is why if we do not calculate it correctly, cheap can be expensive.

You can do some tests to determine if your power is insufficient or left over.

A homemade method is to turn on all the devices you have, and if the leads do not jump this means that you have room to decrease the power. Probably the current one, it is too high and you are paying too much when it is not necessary. Using a consumption meter, designed to control what you spend and help you reduce your current consumption.

If you still have doubts, providing some information about the square meters of your house, if you have heating and what type and number of appliances you have, you can ask us for advice without obligation.

What power do I need to hire?

Taking into account that all the electricity powers are the same for all energy companies, you can use a power calculator (there are several free ones on the internet) and adding the data of the house, the square meters and the devices that you are going to use ( two refrigerators, an oven, a freezer, heating, etc.). Once this is done, you will get the estimated power that you will need to hire.

Another option would be to hire the advice of a specialized electrician, to review the installations and electrical appliances and make an estimate that will always be the most accurate.

Finally, you can contact us directly to make an estimate with the data you provide us. You can call us toll free at 633333839, or you can send us atcliente@lumisa.es a recent invoice by email with your question and we will answer you in a short period of time.

What are the available rates?

Each marketing company has its own rates, Lumisa is part of the free market, so we choose the most competent prices.

We have several rates, according to your needs:

1.- The Rate without discrimination by schedule, that is to say that it is the same rate throughout the day and will vary depending on the contracted power.

2.0A Less than 10 kW
2.1A  Between 10 to 15 kW

2.- With time discrimination we also have different, the price changes according to the power and the time slot. There are three schedules according to the time of day:

  • - Tip: It is the hourly period with the highest price.
  • - Valley: The period with the lowest price.
  • - Plain: The hourly period with an intermediate price.

Rates 2.0 DHA (less than 10 kW) and 2.1 DHA (between 10 kW and 15 kW):

VALLE 23h-13H 22h-12h
PUNTA 13h-23h 12h-22h

In 3.0 A (from 15 kW):

VALLE 23h-9H 1h-9h
LLANO 9h-12h/15h-.23h 9h-18h/ 22h-1h
PUNTA 12h-15h 18h-22h


The rate that most people usually choose for their homes, is usually without hourly discrimination and less than 10 kW the 2.0A. For small premises and large houses with garden with frequent use of appliances, it would be preferred to have a power between 10 and 15 kW 2.1A and for local

 What is the CUPS number and what is it for?

What is the CUPS number and what is it for?

The history of light.

The history of light.

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