We give you some tips to save on electricity


We give you some tips to save on electricity

We give you some tips to save on electricity

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Did you know that you can save on electricity and pay less kW whether you are asleep or awake, inside or outside the house? In this article we give you some tips on how you can save on energy consumption; likewise, how to contract an electricity service that is more in line with your pocket.

Save on electricity: Why does the price of electricity vary?

In some countries there are marketers in charge of providing the electricity service for homes; and the rates they offer are based on kW consumption. In this aspect, the schedule has an important influence if you want to save on electricity.

What is a kW?

A kW is the measure in which electricity consumption is quantified and this determines the charge that the consumer is obliged to pay. Marketers offer different rates according to the amount of kW to be consumed.

Differences in rates and costs

Companies rate consumption based on peak hours (during the day) or off-peak hours (at night) or they can offer a fixed rate regardless of the time of day. This is called time discrimination.

The variations in rates are due to the fact that the governments of several countries prefer that private companies be the providers of the energy service; therefore, the consumer has a deck of options to choose from according to what he can afford.

Not all consumers are able to pay for the same services, as the number of family members differs in many households. When you have children, it is evident that there will be a higher energy consumption due to the use of televisions, computers and appliances.

Alone or in pairs the kW consumption is lower. Or if you have a business there will be significant energy consumption and therefore you should choose your service provider wisely; but there must also be responsible consumption habits, which can save the consumer money on electricity.

What can you do to save kW?

At home you can set kW consumption rules at certain times. For example, family outings can be organized, which allow not using electricity for certain periods of time; or otherwise establish a schedule to watch movies as a family; reducing the use of electronic devices as little as possible.

Another way to save is not to charge cell phones, laptops or tablets at times when the price of electricity is higher. The consumer's imagination plays an important role in reducing the costs of services, although energy is essential for life at home.

So saving electricity is not only in terms of prices in the service, but also in the use of it. However, when searching for a provider it is necessary to know the details involved in the service provided.

Save on electricity by choosing the best provider

If you want to save on electricity, you must follow certain guidelines that will help you choose the best supplier, such as knowing:

  • The rates of different marketers at peak or off-peak hours.● The way in which kW is consumed in the home.
  • The purchasing power of the consumer.
  • Quality in the service of the distributors.
  • Prices according to summer and winter schedules.
  • Consumption measured in kW.

For more information, consult the websites of the electricity companies in depth to be able to save in kW; Know prices, as well as how to contract the service. Choose wisely the option that suits you best and remember that even choosing the best rate, responsible consumption is your own obligation.

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