Inspirational phrases cited by the great geniuses of electricity.

Inspirational phrases cited by the great geniuses of electricity.

I have always been fascinated by those people who have made discoveries throughout history.

Sometimes, we are not aware of everything we have today. Each and every one of the things, objects, buildings that surround us and comforts that we enjoy, are thanks to that previously, someone somewhere in the world has imagined it.

With this, I want to say that, if it were not for the human mind, their imagination and ingenuity, and their dedication and action to start something new, we would not be where we are.

Then, we can realize the full potential of human beings, inspire us, and see that anyone in this world can create something that changes the course of history.

Many of the inventors and revolutionaries in the field of electricity, were misunderstood even rejected or judged by their "crazy ideas" according to the respective time in which they lived, or because they seemed "not to be too smart in their studies." Thanks to their perseverance and to believe in themselves despite the rejection of the society of the moment, they achieved their goals. They made mistakes along the way, but they helped them learn.

There is a well-known phrase by Thomas Edison that reads as follows:

"I have not failed, I have only learned 10,000 ways of how not to do it".

He who does not try and fails, will hardly find the right way to do it. To get things we have to take risks, leave the comfort zone and venture into the unknown, learning by trial and error.

Today we are going to bring you some phrases quoted by the great inventors and precursor characters of electricity, who changed the direction of the history of humanity. If it were not for them, the internet would not have been invented and you would not be reading this article now.

Thanks to these people, we can extract knowledge and apply them in our daily life. At Lumisa we are constantly inspired by the "philosophy of the great".

One of my favorite phrases and that I try to apply the most is:

"If you are looking for different results, do not always do the same" by Albert Einstein.

Frequently we address in the same way the problems that arise over the years. Perhaps, it is only in a certain area of ​​our life and we act in the same way by inertia without finishing what we want. If we do not work the way we have done so far, and we always end up at the same point, maybe it's time to consider doing something different to get a change that brings us closer to what we want.

"Tell me and I forget it, show me and I remember it, involve me and I learn it" this phrase was quoted by Benjamin Franklin.

We learn through lessons and it is totally necessary, but it will be complicated to integrate all the knowledge if we do not apply it to practice. For example, many Spaniards try to assimilate English into academies, but then we do not put it into practice, we forget it, or we are embarrassed to practice it, with which, it never stops being retained. It's when, one goes abroad, or begins to talk a lot with English-speaking people, who gets really involved and immersed with the language and ends up learning it.

"Hate and distrust are the children of blindness" cited by William Watson.

When we hate and distrust, it is very difficult to see things as they are, because behind that, fear always hides. This, if it is not well managed, can paralyze us, which means that we will not act to achieve what we set out to do. In short, hatred and distrust distance us from our essence and are linked to fear, which prevents us from moving forward.

To finish, I leave this sentence of Nikola Tesla:

"Our virtues and our defects are inseparable, like force and matter. When they separate, man does not exist. "

Personally, it makes me reflect on that, we can try to be our best version, but we are human and we have to accept our good things and our bad things, both as a whole in ourselves. We have to try to improve what we do not like, but accepting us and finding the balance point in the balance.

The history of light.

The history of light.

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