Make a change of holder of the light


Make a change of holder of the light

Make a change of holder of the light

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Making a change of owner online at Lumisa is a very simple management. When we talk about change of owner, we mean that the person who handles the invoices changes for another. For example, if you move a new apartment for rent, you will have to put the bills in your name being necessary to change the old title for the current one. Must take into account:

  • The change is always requested by the new owner. 
  • The new owner becomes responsible for the invoices.
  • We do not charge for making the change of owner, but in some specific cases you have to pay the distribution company.

You need to have on hand:

  • Recent invoice.
  • ID of the new owner.
  • Bank account.
  • A mobile phone number and an available email.
The step by step

The online title change is done in an easy and intuitive way. If you have doubts here we explain how to do it, so that you feel more secure with this little guide.

Through this link

Once entered here, you have to follow the following steps:

1. Fill in the basic information form with your personal data and the point of supply. Fill also the meter information. This information is available on your electricity bill. We will need the CUPS code and we have attached a photocopy of the DNI and a recent invoice. (link to your article) Once the information is complete, click on accept and send. We automatically receive a contract request.

2. The second step, email authentication. We will immediately send a confirmation email to the email address you have provided. You will have to open and click on Access:

We are going to redirect you to Logalty, which is our trusted third party so you can make the change safely. You must indicate your ID and enter the letters that appear on the screen, then click on Enter.

3. You will visualize a screen with all your personal INFO. Check that all data is correct, if so, then click Continue.

4. The last step is the SMS verification code to confirm. At this time, the page will skip to enter the verification code interface. An SMS will be sent to your mobile number with a PIN CODE that you will have to enter in Sign.

Once the PIN code that would be equivalent to a digital signature is entered, the contract will become effective. To confirm that the contract is in force click on Finish.

Great! The change of owner is already done.

If you prefer to make the change by phone or by e-mail here you have the article where we explain it to you.

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