Difference between signing up and trading


Difference between signing up and trading

Difference between signing up and trading

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Often the term of "registering" is confused with "making a change of marketer", so here we explain it in detail.

When do you have to register?

There are several cases where you can be at a point of supply in which there is no light. For example, if you agree to a new construction, or if you have a floor or a room that you do not use, and to avoid having to take care of the expenses, you have temporarily unsubscribed, among other cases.

Therefore, if you have to sign up, it means that you do not have a light supply. To apply for registration, you must go to a marketing company to process it.

In Lumisa we do not charge for it, but the distributor will charge you through us for the following concepts:

  • Access rights: it is paid when contracting a new supply or by increasing the power of an existing supply € 19.70/kW.
  • Extension rights: it is paid when using the infrastructure of the distribution company in the case of new supplies, when the power contracted increases or if the supply point has not been used for more than 3 years € 17.37/kW.
  • Engagement rights: it is paid at the moment in which the electrical installation is connected to the supply network € 9.04.
  • Verification rights: paid when carrying out the installation review € 8.01.
  • Guarantee deposit: according to what is established in article 79 of Royal Decree 1955/2000, it is the amount to be delivered, at the time of contracting, for an amount equal to the monthly theoretical turnover corresponding to fifty hours of use of the contracted power .

We have another article where we explain how to register in detail.

What if I already have light?

If you already have light, but you want to change the marketer because your offers seem more attractive to you, you just have to make a change of marketer, this procedure should not be confused with registering a supply point, although it usually creates entanglement.

Making a change of company is totally free. If you want to start enjoying the advantages of Lumisa now, it is very simple and fast filling this form.

You only need an electric bill and your personal and banking information. we explain it in more detail in this article. Once sent, you will receive a confirmation e-mail in which you will be asked for your ID number and we will send you by mobile phone a PIN that you will have to enter and the contract will be signed.

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Make a change of holder of the light

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