10 tricks to save on your electricity bill!

10 tricks to save on your electricity bill!

If you want to save from now on your electricity bills we teach you how to do it with some very practical tips, so you can take advantage of them in the best way possible, adapting them to your own needs.

If you follow the step by step, you will see that you start saving a little more month after month. As everything is to start and install new habits and routines, which later, when you find the results will make you feel very good.

1- Change to LED bulbs. It is an investment that will pay off in the long term, spend much less and have a longer useful life.

2- Avoid phantom consumption. When you are sleeping at night, and you leave, for example, the television, the printer, or the computer at rest or in "stand by", or even the mobile phone with charge completed, these continue to consume. To solve this problem, there are extenders eliminators of stand by that make sure to turn off your devices when they detect that they are not working, you also have the most rudimentary that you can turn them off manually.

3- Use more natural light. Surely you have discovered sometimes igniting by inertia the light during the day, in an area where it is not necessary since there is visibility.

4- In summer, use more home ventilation. Try to open windows, go down between half awnings and curtains so that sunlight does not directly enter, and ventilate in the morning and at night.

5- If you use air conditioning, do not lower it by 26º. Each degree that you decrease will mean around 8% more consumption.

6- In winter, take advantage of the hours of natural light, raising the blinds to the maximum when you have the heat of the sun, and lowering blinds and closing curtains in the dark hours. You have to use natural resources to the fullest. If you have heating, keep it moderate and stable around 20 degrees, using clothes appropriate to the season. At night avoid it and use more warm clothes for bed and thick pajamas.

7- Isolate your doors and windows. How? Very easy and economical. Buy a silicone gun, (at hardware stores they sell them and there are various prices, but you can buy it for less than 10 euros) or a little putty and put it around your windows if necessary.

8- Carpets in rooms and dining room. These help to keep the heat, since the cold enters through the floor and windows.

9- Check if your power and your rate is right for you according to your usual consumption. We have another article where we explain it to you in detail.

10- The trick of the washing machine. Today there are very good stain removers and soaps, we do not have to wash all the clothes at high temperatures, the lower the more we will save. Some points may seem very basic, but if you do, be assured that your annual consumption can be reduced considerably.

Difference between signing up and trading.

Difference between signing up and trading.

 Stand by: The ghostly enemy of your light bill.

Stand by: The ghostly enemy of your light bill.

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