Stand by: The ghostly enemy of your light bill.

Stand by: The ghostly enemy of your light bill.

One of the ways we have to swell our electricity bills without being very aware of it, is through the so-called "stand by". If you want to start saving on the little things that cost you dearly, at Lumisa we explain how.

What is stand by in electrical appliances?

It is the state in which your electrical appliances are when you leave them in sleep mode, or turn them off with the remote control. Also, appliances that have indicators of red lights, warnings, watches, active screens, such as some coffee makers, microwaves, etc., that are always "in operation" even if they remain in a resting state.

In theory, we could say that they are inactive, but in reality, although in less quantity, they continue to consume energy that we will see reflected in our invoices.


How much does it cost?

It equals between 8 and 15% of your annual bills, which is not little.

What are the strips and what are they for?

The strips are adapters / extension cables that allow you to connect your devices to the current through them, and in this way reduce the expense of your electronic devices on standby.

What types of strips are there?

- With a switch: you can manually turn off and on at the same time, all the electrical devices that you have connected to the extension cable. You can turn them off at night, or when you're away from home or do not use them.

- Without switch, with smart Stand by: if you have a stand-by eliminator you can reduce consumption considerably, even if the appliances are plugged in, as they can detect if the appliances are not working and disconnect them completely so that they do not continue consuming.

Where can I get them?

You can get them at any hardware store, shopping centers, stores that have appliances / home section, or online.

10 tricks to save on your electricity bill!

10 tricks to save on your electricity bill!

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