How to avoid static electricity?

How to avoid static electricity?

It has happened to all of us, that we have felt a shock when touching an object or someone. This has an explanation. It is static electricity, scientifically known as "triboelectric effect" and if we know what it is, we can also know how to avoid it.

How is static electricity created?

Everything we know is made up of atoms composed of a nucleus of positive particles, the so-called protons, surrounded by negative particles, the electrons.

The charge will be neutral when there is equilibrium between the protons and the electrons, but if, on the contrary, they decompensate and one gains or loses charges, they will give rise to the known 'calambrazos' by the static electricity. Therefore, they are a stream of electrons trying to restore electrical balance.

There are certain materials that have more tendency to generate static electricity, and some of those that we use more are the following:

  • - Aluminum
  • - Polyester
  • - Paper
  • - Wool
  • - Plastic
  • - Nylon
  • - Rugs and carpets
  • - Human hair

Pale of pets Ways to avoid it

1.- Use a comb instead of a brush:  You can moisturize your hair with a serum and then comb your hair.

2.- Uses humidifiers:When the environment is dry the imbalance between loads increases, so to reduce them we can make the environment more humid.

3.- Place plants:If you tend to feel cramps in your workplace or at home you can buy natural plants that will help increase the humidity of the environment

4.- It is ideal to avoid on clothes:

  • • Synthetic fabrics, such as nylon or lycra.
  • • Natural fabrics, such as wool or silk.

5.- When you go to refuel gas, turn off the lights and engine of the car:And when leaving the car do not stop touching the door until you're out.

6.- Use a thimble or a coin to download:  Always take them with you for any emergency.

We hope these tips will help you during the moments when you suffer static electricity in your flesh.

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