What is the guarantee deposit?

What is the guarantee deposit?

If you have seen this concept on your bill, or have heard about it and have no idea what it is, keep reading.

The guarantee deposit is an amount charged to you by the distributor in your area through the retailer in which you are. As the name says, it is a "deposit" that serves the distributor as a deposit to cover your back, and that you bill at the beginning of your contract.

In case of abandoning the contract, they would have to return the amount in full. You must explicitly request the return to the marketer / distributor before 6 months after the end of your contract, or you will lose the bond. In the same way, if in the first 6 months of your contract you have not received the guarantee deposit, you will be exempt from having to pay it.

In what cases will I be charged for the guarantee deposit?

They will only charge you in two possible cases:

1. If you sign up again There is no supply and you register to start having electricity.

2. When increasing the contracted power. When you decide to make a change of power because the one you have is insufficient and you want to expand it, you will always be billed for the guarantee deposit. 

How much does the guarantee deposit cost?

We can not tell you in your particular case, because it is a variable amount depending on the electrical power you hire and depending on the age of the electric distributor. What we are going to hire is how it is calculated based on the particular characteristics of your contract.   

In the event that the marketer has been working for less than a year, the amount of the guarantee deposit will be equivalent to 50 hours of use of the contracted power (the kW you have requested).

If the marketer has been in the market for more than a year, the price of the deposit can be acquired, dividing the annual cost of your access contract between 365 and then multiplying by the days of the settlement period of the access contract, with a maximum of 30 days.

How will they charge me?

The deposit is demanded by the distributors to the marketers, and they act as intermediaries between the distributor and the owner, making the payment through the first invoice together with the rights of extension, access and hooking.

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