The regulated market (PVPC) vs the free market


The regulated market (PVPC) vs the free market

The regulated market (PVPC) vs the free market

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Currently in Spain there are these two types of markets in which you can choose to be in the one you like, and the one that you think is best for you, since there are variations. Let's take a brief summary of their main differences and how this division came about.

Before 1997, there was only the regulated electricity market and prices were set by the Government. From that year, a process of liberalization of the energy market was started to help the expansion and creation of new companies and to offer more possibilities to the user. In 2009 it became effective, and when the market was liberalized, the two market systems were divided, which the user could choose the one he preferred. These two to date are:

The regulated market

Which as an advantage offers the (PVPC) Voluntary Price to Small Consumers, for users who have a contracted power less than or equal to 10 kW. It is an unpredictable price that varies according to the time and day. It does not include maintenance services, and is subject to supply and demand between the companies that produce energy and those that sell it, the marketers. You will pay more when you consume in the hours with a higher price, and less when it decreases.

There are 8 reference marketers that have it. Next, we show you the list:

  • Endesa Energía XXI, S.L.U.
  • Iberdrola Comercialización de Último Recurso, S.A.U.
  • Gas Natural S.U.R., SDG, S.A.
  • EDP Comercializadora de Último Recurso, S.A.
  • Viesgo.
  • CHC Comercializador de Referencia S.L.U
  • Empresa de Alumbrado Eléctrico de Ceuta Comercialización de Referencia, S.A. (Ceuta)

If your invoice is issued by one of these marketers is that you are in the regulated market, and if that is not the case, you are in the free market.

The free market

On the other hand, the price is liberalized. Usually offering discounts to lower the price and be more competent.

It offers fixed prices in a period of time, which you know before hiring. There are more than 100 marketers and every day growing, providing better offers and services to attract new customers and differentiate themselves from the rest. At Lumisa we have been part of this free market for 6 years and more and more customers are joining us.

If you are not yet a client of Lumisa, you can send us a recent bill of light and we will make a comparison and advice, so you can see what you would save monthly and annually, totally free and without any commitment.

As a consumer, you can choose the marketing company with which you prefer to contract the electricity supply, exploring and finding the rate that best suits your needs. For your peace of mind, with some marketers like Lumisa, you do not have a permanency contract and you can enjoy total freedom to change and leave whenever you want.

Here we attach an official link of the CNMC in which all the free-market aquatic traders appear.

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