Home experiment: electric toy car.

Home experiment: electric toy car.

Today we want to show you a video tutorial that we have loved. It is fast and practical and shows you how to make a homemade electric car toy easily and easily.

At Lumisa we think that to stimulate the imagination, creating things for oneself is really exciting. It is a very practical way to begin to understand science and how our world works, apart from the satisfaction it provides us once it is finished, in addition to the good time we had.

If you are a minor, ask for the consent and help of your parents to do it. It is a good activity to do as a family and have a good time focused only in the present moment, focused on doing something manual and creative.

You need to have on hand:

  • - Small empty plastic bottle.
  • - 2 thin skewers of wood.
  • - An engine that you can get from any toy you do not use.
  • - Trim the top of a plastic bottle with its stopper.
  • - 1 battery of 9 volts.
  • - 1 silicone gun
  • - 2 reeds
  • - 4 bottle caps.


Lumisa's extra idea.

We advise you, if you want it to be a bit cooler, use a medium bottle (instead of a small one as shown in the video), cut the upper back part, and take some cards made to measure for the opening, the fold them in half and put them in the way of car seats. Then with a marker you can draw the car door and the window.

We hope you have a great time making this invention!

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