5 typical myths about electricity


5 typical myths about electricity

5 typical myths about electricity

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There is a kind of deep-rooted "popular knowledge" that we hear and teach from a very young age. We hear it on the street, or in our homes, through the mouths of family or friends, and we usually acquire without questioning or even if it is true, or not. We want to reveal some of those "myths" that revolve around electricity making an apology for scientific rigor, empirical and demonstrable.

Batteries contain electrical charge

False. Inside the batteries there are no electrons, no electricity. They are portable generators that convert chemical energy into electrical energy. They get the energy from chemical reactions using electrolytes that are stored between a positive electrode and a negative electrode.

Fluorescent light is better to leave it on if it is for a short time, than not turn it off and on again

This is a very common belief, believing that if we leave the light on, we will save more, than if we turn it off and turn it on again. It is true that we will reduce its useful life the more times we turn off and turn on these types of lights, but not by leaving them on, we will save more on our electricity bill.

Generators what they do is create energy

You have to be precise when speaking so as not to leave room for confusion. And, the generators, contrary to what is usually thought, do not create electricity, what they do is transform the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

The devices in "stand by" do not consume

Every time people are becoming more aware that this is a wrong belief, leaving the TV on standby, or the computer connected in sleep mode, can be a considerable expense in our bill, which we could save, turning them off completely .

Change of marketer is very complicated and it is better to stay in "the life"

More and more people are changing light traders, because they are dissatisfied with unpredictable price increases that their current companies have. It is a simple procedure that the new marketer performs, as when you decide to change telephone company, quickly, without cuts, or problems.

Today in the free market there is a very large offer, and it is very easy to change. If you are not yet a client of Lumisa and want to enjoy its advantages, you can do it in 5 minutes from your home comfortably, thus beginning to benefit from all its advantages.

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