ICP: What is it and what is it for?


ICP: What is it and what is it for?

ICP: What is it and what is it for?

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The ICP is the Power Control Switch. So that you understand what it is, let's start by making a simple analogy. The ICP would be now, what they were in the analog meters, the famous "leads" (fuses) that "jumped" and left us in the dark without power.

Digital counters are about to leave all analog counters behind. In the new meters, the ICP is already incorporated which is an automatic system that cuts off the power supply when the power you have is exceeded. That is to say, it is a safety mechanism that cuts off the light when there are more electrical devices connected at the same time, from which the contracted power can cover.

What is the contracted power?

In your bill of light appears a term that is the contracted power, which refers to how many kW you have contracted in your rate, and when the meter detects that you exceed that power, what it does is cut off the supply. Therefore, if this happens to you very often, the best thing is to think about increasing the power with your company.

Are there more reasons why the ICP can jump?

If the ICP "jumps" and is not due to excess power, you may have an appliance with a broken or defective cable and when trying to make contact, for your safety, the ICP will turn it off.

If the power control switch cuts the power to me how do I reset it?

If you have run out of power due to an excess in the use of your power, that is, it is not due to external causes (such as a problem in your distributor, a power cut due to non-payment, or a cut for works, among other possible reasons .) and is for the ICP, what you have to do is turn off any of the appliances you are using and restore the supply, lowering all the levers of the electrical panel, and then uploading them again (so that your digital counter will restart). If you do not exceed the contracted kW, it will be restored normally.

If you have turned off the appliances that consume more and reset the system, and the problem continues to persist, it may be because there has been a power outage for another reason, so you can look for a electricity bill, which includes the phone from your company to call it and find out where the incident comes from.

Is the ICP mandatory?

As we said at the beginning, in Spain digital meters are replacing old ones, and it is planned for the end of 2018 if they are all changed. Therefore, it is a mandatory installation that all the properties must have as of this date.

Smart meters, which are also named for their new functions, such as being able to be monitored remotely, to incorporate the ICP in them, take care of your electrical installation, preventing if faults or failures occur, ensuring safety.

We hope you have helped. If you have doubts about whether your contracted power is the optimum, look at this article in which we clear the frequent doubts.

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