We reveal the secret of the electrical panel of your house


We reveal the secret of the electrical panel of your house

We reveal the secret of the electrical panel of your house

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Most people do not know how the electrical panel in their house works, other than to reboot the system when "the power has gone out". We are going to reveal the secret to you in a simple way so that you know what each lever is for and you can tell it to whoever you want. We detail everything below:

What is a differential for?

The differential serves to protect people against direct and indirect contact when the residual current is exceeded.

What does the circuit breaker take care of?

The circuit breaker is in charge of cutting the current if a certain value is exceeded, protecting against excess consumption and against short circuits.

All current electrical panels have at least:

  • An automatic general switch with a minimum intensity of 25 A.
  • Several RCDs with a maximum RCD current (sensitivity) of 30 mA and a current equal to or greater than that of the circuit breaker. Every 5 circuits there is 1 differential switch.
  • At least 5 circuits in parallel and if the electrification is high there will be the corresponding C6 or C12 circuits.

And in detail:

  • The ICP, the power control switch, is in charge of controlling that you do not exceed the power that you have contracted and of preventing accidents if it detects faults by cutting off the power supply. We have an article that we talk about it in detail. Keep in mind that if you increase the power, you will have to make sure that they also change the ICP, otherwise you may suffer power outages when exceeding the previous power.
  • The PCS is the surge protector, which prevents electrical appliances from being damaged by overvoltage.
  • The IGA general automatic switch is a general circuit breaker that controls electrical installations and protects them from short circuits and overloads. It also serves to be able to manipulate the panel without there being current when the circuit is opened.
  • The differential switch ID is basic and what it does is protect by varying the amperage. If you detect an earth leakage from any cause, quickly disconnect.
  • The small PIAS automatic switches are magnetothermic. They manage the operation of the interior circuits: lighting, plugs, heating, etc. The number of PIAS depends on the circuits that have been made in the installation. They disconnect separately in an independent way if there are short circuits or overloads in a certain device, so you do not lose power throughout your home.

Now you are an expert in the field and you know what those "levers" that are in your electrical panel are for. You have to take into account that there may be variations for each case, depending on the type, but the important thing is to stay with the idea in general and not ignore the issues that concern electricity.

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