Save each month optimizing the use of your electrical appliances.

Save each month optimizing the use of your electrical appliances.

Are you fed up with the exorbitant bill of light and suspect that there is some way to save, but you do not know how?

Today we tell you the best tricks to start saving using your appliances in the most appropriate way, creating habits that help you pay less at the end of the month. There are some things that may seem obvious, but if you do, they will make a difference.

Refrigerator It is in the top 1 of highest consumption with 30%. Obviously we are not going to tell you to disconnect your fridge, but we are going to give you some simple tips so you do not spend unnecessarily more.

  • The super saving trick:

1. Stop opening the fridge to stare at it and decide what you're going to chop. In addition to being an anxious symptom, this is what causes the temperature to be destabilized and spend more to seek to restore balance.

2. The tupper of fresh hot food was finished. Our refrigerator will have to make an excessive effort to cool that food by consuming more. Leave it out until it is at room temperature and you can store it.

3. Check that the refrigerator is in good condition, the worse it works, the more it will consume.

Washing machine

  • The super saving trick:

1. We recommend using short washing programs (saving 2x1: spend less water and less energy) and at minimum temperature. The more you increase the heat of the water the more you will spend.

2. Optimizing the washing machines by making one filled with all the clothes, not several with little clothes.


  • The super saving trick:

1. Completely fill the drum, preferably use the self-drying program if we have it.

2. Finally, use it as little as possible, making use of the drying rack, the outdoor drying of all life, unless it is absolutely necessary.


  • The super saving trick:

​1. Use short programs and low temperatures.

Desktop and television

  • The super saving trick:

​1. Lower the brightness of the screen, on computers remove the screensaver and use dark wallpaper tones, turn off in the case of not using them and NEVER leave them in "stand by", because they continue to consume.

2. Have the scanner, printer, speakers, etc. disconnected that we are not using. (link with article stand by)

3. If you are thinking about buying a new television, those that incorporate LED technology will consume substantially less than plasma screens.

4. If you use a laptop, having it only plugged in when necessary, even if it is charged if it is still plugged, continues to consume.

Oven and ceramic hob

  • The super saving trick: Change our cooking habits.

1. The use of small pots will cause you to consume less, since when using large containers it will take more time to heat.

2. Use tops to go faster, do not forget to use non-stick cookware and a splash of oil so that the food does not get caught.

3. Turn off the oven before finishing cooking and do not open it to take advantage of the heat of the environment.

4. Make more use of the microwave because it goes faster, consuming less.


  • The super saving trick: 

1. Take full advantage of natural light.

2. Change your normal bulbs with low consumption LED bulbs. It is a small investment for greater long-term savings.

3. Decorate your walls and curtains with light colors, so you will need less artificial lighting.

4. Turn off the light whenever you move from one place to another in the house. It does not make sense to leave the light on in the kitchen to go to your room, but then you have to go back to the kitchen, because you can reduce your consumption by turning it off and it does not take more than a second.

If you still do not do it and you have in mind all the tips that we expose you here, we are sure that you will reduce your electricity bill. We hope you found it useful. If you want to know more ways to save light, take a look at these articles of our blog: "10 tricks to save on your electricity bill", "How to save with the hourly discrimination rate", and "Lower the power to save : Yes or no?".


Lower the power to save? Yes or no?

Lower the power to save? Yes or no?

 How to save with the hourly discrimination rate.

How to save with the hourly discrimination rate.

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