How to save with the hourly discrimination rate


How to save with the hourly discrimination rate

How to save with the hourly discrimination rate

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In the marketers, offer different rates depending on the type of power that is contracted. The main difference that we can choose in any tariff either 2.0 (for powers up to 10 kW) or 2.1 (powers between 10 and 15 kW) is if we want it with or without time discrimination. We also have the 3.0 (in powers greater than 15 kW) that will always be time-based.

What does this mean?

That we can have a rate with the same price throughout the day (without time discrimination, 2.0A / 2.1A), or, choose the other rate that has a variable cost depending on the time we are consuming.

What is time discrimination (DHA)

It consists of two different rates depending on the time, the Valle period which is around 50% cheaper and you can save with it, together with the Punta period which is about 18% more expensive than the normalized cost.

At what times can I benefit from the DHA rate?

If we make most of our consumption during the Valley hours (from 22 in the evening until 12 in the morning during most of the year, or from 23 to 13 in the summer), we will be able to save a substantial sum.

However, we must be careful with the Punta period (10 hours spread from 12 noon to 22 at night) not to use the appliances that most consume (ovens, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers) and heating/air conditioning frequently, because they will be affected in our bill.

The Valle period consists of 14 hours, 4 more than the Punta period. In the latter, although they are less hours, they are generally the most demanded by the population, since they cover meals and afternoons, which is the moment that many people arrive at home.

How do I get the most out of DHA?

If we manage to make 60% of our consumption during the Valle period, making dinner and putting washing machines at night from the 22nd, or in the morning doing the meals, passing the vacuum cleaner, etc., before 12 o'clock.

Is this rate for me?

It is a matter of assessing if our time is compatible and we are more at home during those hours and we can adapt making more use of the Valle period.

For example, the people who have the most savings and can take advantage of DHA are those who work out all day and come home at night, or people who work / study in the afternoon, and have free mornings.

If we do not live alone, we must take into account how many we are at home, and what are the frequent consumption habits and their respective schedules, and that everyone is willing to adapt a bit.

So can I save with DHA or not?

If you follow the advice we have given you and are willing to change consumer habits by adapting most of this to the Valle period, you can save a lot on your bill at the end of the month. There are published studies that confirm that if we make at least 30% of our spending in the Valley period we can start saving, and if the percentage goes up, the savings too. If you want to know other ways to save that you can combine with discrimination or without, look at our "Savings" section on the blog, which we explain and advise about all the possibilities you have.

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