Connection management: expansion of available power.

Connection management: expansion of available power.

If you want to increase the power of your property and exceed the property limit for your installation, you can have access to the connection management to expand the available power. It is the same document that is required in the case of an additional need for a new power supply.

You can do this in 2 ways:

1-Directly contacting the distributor to which it belongs, which varies according to the area where the supply point is (housing, premises, etc.).

2-OR through your marketer. Basically, the distributor distributes the electricity, and the distributor sells the energy to sell it to the end users, that is, to you. If you have more doubts about the differences between these, we have another article that talks about it in detail. In short, the marketer can be the mediator between and the clientele, to process the connection management.

If you decide to do the process on your own by calling the distribution, you have to look for a bill of the electricity, and look at the CUPS number.

The first numbers and letters, the indication of the distribution to which you belong. Next, the facilities of the list of the 9 existing distributors in Spain, the first digits of the CUPS number that would correspond to them, and the customer service number of the same:



900 171 171



900 111 444



954 41 73 11

FESCA (Endesa distribución)


902 509 600



902 01 34 44



976 76 00 00



900 250 260



964 22 14 04



91 10 11 118

The most convenient way is to ask your marketer to take care of the process for you. Anyway, if you want to do it on your own or want to know how it works, let's explain this step-by-step management in a simple way:

1-Request supply connection

When you call you will have to request a new connection.

They will ask you:

  • Personal information
  • Supply point and type data
  • Requested power (kW)
  • Policy number Structure of the supply point.

You can attach the Cadastral Reference where the necessary data of the property will appear. By entering the exact address you can find it here:

2-Analysis and Processing of the application

Once all the information required by the distributor has been received, a study will be made to determine if the extension of the network needs to be modified in order to guarantee the quality of the Service.

If necessary, they will claim:

  1. Carry out a review and adaptation of the installation of the supply point, informing you of the technical and economic conditions.
  2. You will receive the answer in a period of approximately 2 to 6 weeks by letter with everything detailed.
  3. In order to accept and proceed, they usually request that you have made an Income with the amount necessary for the start-up of the supply and the power increase. If you do not need any change in the installation, they will also tell you.

3-Service Once accepted and authorized, the appropriate changes will be made in you supplied so that everything is in order for the power increase.

4-Inspection and final contracting

If you have done the process through the marketer, it will inform you that your supply is ready for the increase in power and will proceed to do so. If you have processed through the distributor you will have to choose the marketer with which you want to formalize the new power increase contract, either with the same in which you are, or in a new one.

We hope we have resolved your doubts and if you have any more about it, do not hesitate to contact us.

Understand your electricity bill once and for all!

Understand your electricity bill once and for all!

 The consequences of electric fraud are paid by all

The consequences of electric fraud are paid by all

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