The consequences of electric fraud are paid by all


 The consequences of electric fraud are paid by all

The consequences of electric fraud are paid by all

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The consequences of electric fraud are paid by all In recent years, the number of frauds detected by electric distributors has increased exponentially. There are data that point out that around 90% of frauds are carried out by companies. The rest by individuals, a part of them illegally occupied without a contract.

For small users, it is another story, given that the fines are around 1500 euros depending on the time elapsed and the estimated consumption scammed. These penalties may vary depending on the power contracted, assuming the power cut and perhaps even having to reimburse the access tolls and have to register again the supply of light with the procedures involved.

Once the fine has been paid, and the counter reviewed and regularized by the distribution company, the user could proceed to contact the electric distributor to request the discharge of the current again.

What exactly is electrical fraud?

It is when a crime is committed in the electrical field. They can be both those that occur on the distribution network and, for example, connect direct hooks without having subscribed to any contract, such as those that are produced directly on the measuring equipment, manipulating the meter, the power control switch, etc.

Consequences of electrical fraud for all

All these actions have a direct impact on your pocket and that of all consumers who do comply with their obligations.

The energy generated in the power plants is higher than the electricity demand by the users. This happens because the generation of the energy always takes into account the heating of the wiring, and assumes the electric frauds and the lost energy, having to be proportionally equal generation to the "demand".

When there is a big difference between the energy that is generated and the one requested, those who pay the expenses of these network losses are the consumers who see their electricity bills thickened. This means millions of euros annually for the Spanish state. Many people do not want to pay bills to benefit, and what they cause is that the other people who do face theirs, are higher.

In addition, we are not talking only about economic consequences, but about security. For example, when hooks or illegal manipulations are made without the pre-established standards, there may be risks for the safety and health of people, causing serious accidents such as causing fires, electrocution, etc. Both for those responsible and those close to them.

Project of the CNMC to combat fraud

The national commission of the markets and of the competition has made a proposal to reduce the current frauds:

  • Mandatory inspections by distributors. 
  • Incentives for distributors who pursue electric fraud
  • Improvement of the method of calculation of the defrauded energy
  • Higher sanction for supply points of high consumption, ie companies and large stores.

In conclusion, we must bear in mind that electrical fraud will always involve an extra cost for the distributors that will be distributed among all users, therefore, it is everyone's responsibility.

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