Tricks to save light this Christmas!


Tricks to save light this Christmas!

Tricks to save light this Christmas!

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Christmas is approaching, time of celebration, family reunions and some other lag. And not only gastronomic, but energy. That's why at Lumisa we want to help you save energy and money this Christmas.

More than at any other time of the year, on these dates so indicated is the greater energy consumption we make during the year. Taking into account the Christmas lighting, heating due to these colder months, among others.

That is why we will give you a series of tips that will help you with the electricity bill.

Turn off electronic devices if you celebrate parties away from home

If you are one of those who spend Christmas away from home remember to turn off electronic devices that you are not going to use, except the clear fridge is that you can put in vacation mode. This way you will avoid the Stan by mode which continues to consume energy unnecessarily.

Replace old Christmas lights with more efficient ones

Bet on efficient LED lighting throughout your home which represents a real saving in the bill of light. And if you want to decorate the Christmas tree buy efficient lighting for it, your pocket will appreciate it!

Turn off the Christmas tree lights or decorations when you go to sleep

Just turn them on when you are at home and you can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere created with the lights.

Create an atmosphere with candles

If you want to create a festive atmosphere, candles are another option. Besides not spending any light, you will achieve a certain romanticism, although always with some caution and when there are no children at home.

Keep your home well insulated!

Maintaining the heat inside your home is essential to not have to make so much use of heating and so not spend more. One of the most affordable tricks is the textile, as well as curtains, carpets and, above all, closing the windows and doors.

Put the dishwasher

Although you think it's a myth, the dishwasher is cheaper because it spends less water, and when the thermostat is electric, less electricity.

Save more with your time discrimination rate

If you are one of those who contracted time zones for your home, and taking into account that the hours of low consumption go from 10 at night until 12 in the morning, cook and perform tasks that require electricity at that time.

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