What do I do if I run out of light?

What do I do if I run out of light?

Did you run out of power and do not know why?

The first thing you should do is verify that you are not the only point of supply without service. Check if the staircase, elevator or adjoining homes have light. In the event of not having electricity supply, it will be an external fault, so you should call the Distributor in order to report the incident.

Breakdowns are unforeseen situations beyond our control. The most commons are:

- Accidents: wiring damage by trucks or excavations.
- Weather causes: floods or storms as well as wind storms.
- Fire: a fire usually forces the disconnection of the networks for safety.
- Wildlife and vegetation: Especially birds.
- Breakage of network elements.
- Failures in the supply chain: incidents in the transport network or generation plants.

However, if you are the only affected means that the fault is in your facilities. In this case there may be several options:

1. Non-payment of invoices

The most common reason for a power cut in a home or premises is due to the non-payment of invoices by the user of the point of supply.

In order to be able to restore the electricity supply, the client must contact the contractor who had contracted with the purpose of proceeding to the payment of the invoice pending payment. Once paid, the electricity supply will be restored normally.

2. Manipulation of the electricity meter.

If a hitch is made without a contract in force for electricity, as well as its handling.

3. Overcome the contracted power.

Many times, the reason that we do not have a supply is related to our electrical panel. It was possible to disconnect as a result of having exceeded the contracted power.

It is quite the case that the cause of the interruption of the supply is due to the disconnection of the ICP. Since the number of electrical appliances that are working at the same time exceed the contracted power.

Examples: appliances, lighting, heating, among others.

If this happens in an installation with a traditional electrical panel, you must act as follows:

- Disconnect the devices with the highest energy consumption and raise the ICP switch again after about three seconds.
- If it is still not solved, it is possible that there is a fault in your installation. To detect it, you must disconnect all the PIAs switches and connect them one by one until you find out which of them makes the ICP jump.
- If the ICP jumps too frequently, you may need to hire more power.

Tips before a power outage.

It is good to be prepared before a power outage because you can catch us unexpectedly:

- Have a small anti-blackout kit with flashlights and spare batteries, as well as candles, matches and lighters. However, it would be ideal not to use candles because of their risk of fire. A trick to be able to move before this situation is to put the flashlight of the mobile.
- Do not open the refrigerator or the freezer so that they do not lose the cold and prevent food from deteriorating.
- Disconnect any appliance that remained on, such as the oven, microwave or iron.
- Have the counters box located. Think that maybe you should find it in the dark, and usually you are outside the house or in the garage, as well as in the entrance door.
- The customer who suffers a power cut should contact their distributor regardless of the reason for their casusa. Therefore, we leave here the contact numbers of each Distributor according to the Autonomous Community where the supply point is located.


0021 IBERDROLA DISTRIBUCION ES0021-0P 900 171 171
0022 UNION FENOSA DISTRIBUCION ES0022-1P 900 333 999
0023 CIA SEVILLANA ELECTRICIDAD SA ES003110-0F 900 850 840
0024 FECSA (ENDESA) (800 500 500) ES003140-0F 800 760 706
0026 HC ENERGIA ES0026-0F 900 907 001
0029 ELECT REUNIDAS ZARAGOZA SAU ES0029-0F 900 848 900
0113 ESTABANELL ENERGIA ES0113-0F 900 154 444
0189 ELECTRA DEL MAESTRAZGO ES0189-0F 964 173 275
0034 ELÉCTRICA DE CÁDIZ ES003411-0F 900 373 411
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