Change to LUMISA in a rental contract


Change to LUMISA in a rental contract

Change to LUMISA in a rental contract

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If you have rented a home and you wonder if you can change to another electric company, the answer is yes you can. However, this possibility has created a series of doubts about it. How is it possible to make a change of electric company? Should the owner of the supply be changed when contracting with another distributor? What documents are necessary for the change of ownership or marketing?

Therefore, in LUMISA, we want to clarify those doubts about the change of company in rental agreements!

If it is a long-term rental, the tenant has the option of contracting their own electricity supply, in the marketing company that best suits them.

The law refers us to Royal Decree 1955/2000, of December 1, which regulates the activities of transportation, distribution, marketing, supply and authorization procedures for electric power installations. By means of which it defines the commercialization activity which will be developed by the duly authorized marketing companies, such as LUMISA, which have the function of selling said energy to the qualified consumers, being this a physical and legal holder, establishing a personal contract.

Art. 79. The supply contract is personal, and its owner must be the actual user of the energy, who can not use it in a different place for which it was contracted, nor assign it, nor sell it to third parties

Therefore, the user of said energy, which will be the new tenant, must be the owner of the same to be considered a qualified consumer.

In the same way, Law 29/1994, of November 24, on Urban Leases, provides that in any case:

20.3. The expenses for services of the leased farm that are identified through counters will be in any case the tenant's account.

Therefore, if the tenant made a change of ownership would be responsible for their payment, and any eventuality or situation of default against the marketer. That is why if a change of ownership is not made, if there is any problem or situation of default the owner would be responsible for such incidents.

Therefore, a compulsory nature is determined in said laws, according to which the ownership and the payment of the electro supply must fall on the effective user of the energy, in this case the tenant.

However, if the rent is for a rather short period, it would not be necessary to make a change of ownership, but simply a change of the Bank Account.

Steps to follow for the change of marketer

Said change may be made by both the tenant and the landlord of the apartment. Generally, it is advised that the new tenant make the said management, as this way he will be able to provide his data as well as choose the Rate that best suits him.


  • Full name and CIF number of the former owner.
  • Full name and CIF number of the new owner.
  • CUPS Code, as well as Contracted Power.
  • New bank account to charge invoices.
  • Contact information and a contact phone number, as well as email.

The process is completely free in LUMISA, as it can be done from home and managed by phone or email by sending us the aforementioned data.

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