Nikola Tesla, the inventor in the shadow of Thomas Edison.


Nikola Tesla, the inventor in the shadow of Thomas Edison.

Nikola Tesla, the inventor in the shadow of Thomas Edison.

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Nikola Tesla was one of the great inventors of the 19th century, who worked for Thomas Edison. He was not a recognized man since his patents were marketed by others, such as Thomas Edison and Guillermo Marconi.

Born in Croatia and emigrated to the United States, where he worked in the company of Thomas Edison called Edison Machine Works. However, and because of both legal and technological disputes, his promising employment relationship was cut short since he received no salary and, feeling cheated, began to work on his own.

In the same way, the famous "war of the currents" began, by means of which Tesla debated about the alternating current (CA) being easier to transport, against the direct current (CC) that worked at a power of 100v and It was difficult to convert to other Thomas Edison voltages. Tesla emphasized the inefficiency and failures of the use of direct current (CC).

Being a great inventor he left a great legacy in the development of electricity, electromagnetism and modern engineering.

One of his most controversial achievements was the first transistor of Radio in 1896, since unfortunately Marconi is known for it. However, the United States Supreme Court in 1943 recognized Tesla's contribution over Marconi's, although he had already taken the Nobel Prize in 1909 Marconi.

In the same way, he installed the first hydroelectric plant at Niagara Falls in 1985, as well as discovered fluorescent light, laser beams, wireless communications, wireless power transmission systems, remote control and robotics.

In addition, there is a long list of Tesla inventions, among others.

  • The system of electric lamps.
  • The spark plug to ignite the explosion engines.
  • The electric submarine.
  • The remote control.
  • Radio.
  • The thermo-magnetic engine.

Tesla was a breakthrough for technology, but above all for the light we know today. The system devised by Tesla is the one that has been used since then in the world of industry, engineering and household appliances.

So every time you plug the phone to charge or put the microwave to ask how it is possible, everything is thanks to Nikola Tesla and his great dedication.

And if you have more curiosity about the inventor of the Alterna current, among other great inventions, we leave you the link of the movie "The Secret of Nikola Tesla".

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