Steps to follow for a Supply Management


Steps to follow for a Supply Management

Steps to follow for a Supply Management

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If you have a place or a house that has never had light and therefore has no connection where to make the connection of the installation you will have to process the connection management to request a connection of new supplies. It is necessary that the Distributor that corresponds to you process this management, for that there are two ways:

Through Lumisa. We can help you process this management before the Distributor. You only have to authorize us as your representative to manage everything in your name.

The steps to follow are those:

Application phase

This is the opening phase of the file. You must provide us with a series of data and documentation such as:

  1. Applicant (Name, ID or CIF, correspondence address, email and telephone)
  2. Representative (Name, ID, correspondence address, email and telephone) being optional if you are not aware of it.
  3. Address for which the supply is requested.
  4. Useful surface.
  5. Location plan.
  6. Map of the location of the general protection box.
  7. Power requested (kW), which can be determined once the plan of situation is sent.

The file will be paralyzed while the plans requested by the Distributor are not received.

Phase of report preparation

Once the connection file has been opened by Lumisa, the Technical Department of the Distributor will carry out the study of the affected area assessing the necessary activities to be able to carry out the requested installations.

In the same way, they will execute a report with the technical-economic conditions, informing the applicant accordingly.

Phase of project development

Once the applicant has accepted the budget prepared by the Distributor, as well as having reviewed the required documentation, they are ready to prepare the necessary actions to start the works. In this phase the number CUPS (Universal Code of Supply Point) is assigned, which should be noted.

In the event that permits and official licenses are necessary, such as the works license, it must be requested, leaving the paralyzed file pending the concession of the same.

Phase of execution of work

Once the necessary permits and licenses have been granted, we proceed to the start and end of the works, prepared for the hiring of the Alta of the supply point.

Final contract phase

Finally, the Electrical Installation Certificate (CIE) made by a qualified technician must be provided and it is now possible to register the Supply point with us.

If, on the other hand, you make the connection management directly by contacting the Distributor, you must verify which is your Distributor by means of a call or consulting its web.

That is why, if you have processed through the distributor you will have to choose the marketer with whom you want to formalize the new contract, either with the same in which you are, or in a new one.

Connection Management Cost

Regarding the cost, when a client requests the installation of the connection, the Distributor will propose a budget that will depend on the particular case. That is why, the price may vary depending on the location of the new supply, the condition of the land and other factors that may hinder the electrical installation.

In addition, the customer will have to pay the rights caused by the registration of the supply point

These rights are:

  • Right of connection, being the consideration that must be paid to the Distributor for the performance of actions to meet the new supply. This is the extension fee, as well as the access fee.
  • Engagement right, this is the economic consideration for the operation of coupling electricity from the installation to their networks.
  • Right of verification.

We hope we have solved your doubts and if you have any more about it, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Nikola Tesla, the inventor in the shadow of Thomas Edison.


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