The "door to door" of the electric Distributors is prohibited.

The Government prohibits electric and gas traders, as well as Gas Natural, from advertising or contracting their products through home visits.

Lumisa is not part of these marketers who perform these contracting techniques. We are a transparent company that informs about wrecks if you wish without having to perform "door to door" hiring techniques.

On October 6, 2018, Royal Decree-Law 15/2018, of October 5, was published on urgent measures for the energy transition and the protection of consumers that regulates fraudulent practices in the commercialization activity, prohibiting a business practice that it has generated a large number of complaints before consumer organizations and before the National Commission of Markets and Competition.

The "door to door" is a type of contracting and advertising considered fraudulent, unless the visit is previously arranged. In many cases, the commercials of said electric distributors carry out a contract without the express consent of the user, who is deceived. Therefore, if the marketers decide to perform these contracting techniques they will face a possible disqualification to act as a marketer for a maximum period of one year as well as the transfer of their customers to a reference marketer or may be fined up to 60 million euros. euros

In 2017, consumers filed 1,13 million claims against utilities with the National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC), of which 12% were related to contracting and sales. Therefore, the CNMC has already sanctioned this malpractice.

This plan is one of those that tries to alleviate and lower the price increase in 2019, as already mentioned in the article "The invoice of Light will rise in 2019. Why and what solutions propose?".

Steps to follow for a Supply Management of a new supply.

Steps to follow for a Supply Management of a new supply.

Model 347, what is it and how to fill it?

Model 347, what is it and how to fill it?

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