Penalty for excess of the contracted power.

Penalty for excess of the contracted power.

The power term in the electric bill is the price that the user pays for this power, which is multiplied by the number of kilowatts (kW) that are contracted and that reflects the fixed cost that must be paid even when there is no consumption or inactivity of a place or business. In the case of empty homes in which the owner has discharged the electricity supply but does not live there, the cost of this term must also be paid.

The customer must pay on each receipt the term of power regardless of whether or not electricity consumption.

Cost of the Power Term in the invoice.

The power term is calculated by multiplying the power contracted by the billing days, which as we know may vary according to the data collected by your Distributor.

As an example, if you have a contracted power of 3.45 kW:

3.45kW x 30 days x 0.104229 € / kW day = 10.79 €


Excess of the Contracted Power.

Rates 2.0A, 2.0DHA, 2.1.A y 2.1.DHA.

In those cases in which the control of the power is carried out with an ICP, Power control switch, for those supply points with contracted power lower than 15 kW, that is no penalty is applied.

However, it may happen that the leads jump, and you must unplug your electrometers in order to resume the power supply.

Rate 3.0A.

Unlike those supply points with contracted power greater than 15 kW. For the calculation of the Power Term in Rate 3.0A, the Maximeter is used, which is responsible for recording the maximum power demanded in each of the billing periods, so that they later appear on the invoice of the Light that we issue.

You can give 3 cases, depending on the maximum power demanded with respect to the contracted:

Less than 85%: Only 85% of the contracted power will be invoiced. For example, if the contracted one is 50 kW but only 20 kW have been registered in that period, 42.5 kW will be invoiced.  

Billed power = 0.85 x contracted power

Between 85 and 105%: The maximum power that has been demanded will be billed, exactly the one that reflects the maximeter. 

 Billed power = Contracted power

Greater than 105%: That power will be billed plus double the difference between the defendant and 105% of the contracted party. For example, if a power of 60 kW is registered in the maximeter, 60 kW will be charged plus twice the difference between 60 and 52.5 (105% of 50 kW), that is, 60 kW plus 15 kW penalty, in total 75 kW when the contracted power is 50 kW.


Billed power = Measured power - 1,05 x Contracted power


We find it regulated in Royal Decree 1164/2001, of October 26, by which tariffs are established for access to electricity transmission and distribution networks.

Therefore, in Lumisa we will help you to contract the electric power according to your needs, in order not to exceed the power you already have contracted and thus not having extra costs on your bill.

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Which appliances spend more light?

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