Provisional Light High


Provisional Light High

Provisional Light High

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The provisional facilities are those that have, in time, a duration limited to the circumstances that motivate them.

1.- Repair. Those necessary to alleviate an exploitation incident.

2.- Of works. Those made to allow changes or transformations of the facilities, without interrupting the operation.

3.- Semi-permanent. Those destined to modifications of limited duration, within the framework of habitual activities of the premises in which they are repeated periodically (Fairs).

4.- Of works. They are intended for the execution of construction work for buildings and the like.

They are provided for in Royal Decree 842/2002, of August 2, which approves the low voltage electrotechnical regulation.

If you want to make a construction from scratch, or some major reform and you want to hire electricity only to carry out the construction, it is not necessary to hire a common Light Rate but the Distribution Companies have a special type of new registration for these cases .

What is the discharge of Work Light?

The work light is a new type of high special, which is requested when electricity is going to be used in order to build or reform a building or premises, never to make a common use of it. Its particularity is that it has a temporary use, which will not always be necessary depending on the construction company you hire or the reform project.

Rush Rights.

According to Royal Decree 1048/2013, of December 27, which establishes the methodology for the calculation of the remuneration of the electricity distribution activity, for eventual and seasonal supplies, the applicant will pay the distribution company , or carry out on its own, the assembly and disassembly of the facilities necessary to carry out the supply.

The distribution companies may not charge, for this type of supplies, any amount for payments for access rights.

If the extension installation that has been necessary to carry out the provisional supply, or part of it, is usable for the final supply, and there is the circumstance that by the location of the buildings or facilities that are built, the investments extension that correspond to be made by the distribution company, the amounts invested by the applicant will be discounted from the rights of rush to pay for the final supply.

How to request it.

Through Lumisa you can contract the registration of Luz de obra. It will only be necessary that you get in touch with us via email  or Tel 900 811 473.

First of all, it will be necessary to inform you about whether it will be necessary to perform an eventual installation. In many occasions the construction company is in charge of the electricity supply and she is responsible for its contracting.

However, if the construction company does not carry out this procedure, you must have a Certificate of Electrical Installation through an electricity installation company where it will be stated that the electricity supply is exclusive for carrying out the works.

Change of light from work to high of definitive Light.

If you want to continue with electricity supply once the works are completed:

  • - You must first request the definitive withdrawal of the work CUPS.
  • - Once requested, request the new Alta de definitive light through Lumisa.

You will be asked for a new Electricity Bulletin and you will have to pay the Rush Rights.

If you want to know about the new definitive registration, do not hesitate to visit our article about the steps to follow and the costs!

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