The most common electrical fault


The most common electrical fault

The most common electrical fault

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It is common for electrical breakdowns to occur in our homes, some of which are easy to solve while others require a qualified electrician. That is why we will explain what types of breakdowns occur more frequently and how to solve them.

Types of electrical faults

Power surge

It is one of the most common, in the case of a power interruption. Our supply point has contracted a certain electrical power, depending on the needs and type of address.

However, if we exceed that electrical load by plugging in more electrical equipment than it can support or appliances with a higher power, the fuses will be activated, as a result the power supply will be interrupted.

How to solve it

Its solution is simple, since it will simply be necessary that you deactivate some of the appliances of greater consumption, lower the leads and wait a few seconds. Finally, reconnect them from right to left and the last one being the general switch.

If it is still not possible to recover the power supply, contact a qualified electrician.

However, if the ICP often jumps, we must contact the Distributor to increase the contracted power. If you are with Lumisa and want to modify your Contracted Power, you only have to contact us through the number 900 811 473 or through the power change form.

Short circuit

It is caused by the deterioration of the electrical wiring or the overheating when we use several electrical devices in a multiple socket that causes the short circuit to occur.

It is a strong and unexpected increase in the intensity of the current, causing fires or affecting the electrical installation.

How to solve it

To solve it, and depending on the intensity, we recommend that you go to a qualified electrician.

Loss of isolation

It is the deterioration of the current insulating materials of an electrical installation. Because of this, the energy leaves its normal circuit, causing short circuits in the system and increasing the possibility of someone being electrocuted.

It is caused by the aging of the electrical installation and lack of maintenance, due to the extreme temperatures, chemical or corrosive products to which it is exposed. It occurs in appliances with greater antiquity.

How to solve it

It is important that if you detect a lack of electrical insulation contact a professional in order to check the electrical installation as it requires more technical knowledge for its repair.

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