How to combat the heat wave and save on your bill


How to combat the heat wave and save on your bill

How to combat the heat wave and save on your bill

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The consumption of electricity is triggered during the summer by the high temperatures and the use of air conditioning. Therefore, before turning on the air conditioning that consumes a lot of energy and raises our electricity bill, we are going to give you a series of useful tips.

That is why at Lumisa we want to give you some tips to keep your house cool and thus save on your electricity bill.

Refresh your house without spending
  • Ventilate the house during the night or in the early hours of the morning when the temperature is lower.
  • During the hottest hours close the windows and use sunscreens, especially those homes facing the outside. Through blinds, curtains, awnings, among others.

Ventilate your home spending less

It uses ceiling fans to favor the movement of the air, being of low consumption in comparison with the conditioned air.

Use fresh materials
  • It uses cotton clothes, avoiding the synthetic fabrics, they will bring more freshness.
  • As for the decoration of your home, choose light colors as they absorb less light, using them in bedspreads, sheets, curtains.
Take advantage of the garden's potential
  1. Cool the floor of the terrace or garden with water, it will help to increase the sensation of freshness.
  2. Put more plants, since they contribute to reduce the sensation of heat. Water them at night and choose species of climbing plants that act as natural insulation.
  3. Place humidifiers in the garden combined with the fans and add a fountain to get a fresher feeling.
Control your appliances
  1. It uses LED bulbs or low consumption, since they emit less heat than conventional lighting.
  2. Put the washing machine at low temperature, since they consume much less in cold washing programs and do not release as much heat while in use.
  3. Do not light the light unnecessarily, since in addition to giving more feeling of heat is an energy expense that you can save yourself in summer.
Turn off appliances and appliances during your vacations or getaways

If you make escapes during the weekend or you go on vacation, it is essential that you turn off the less used appliances, thus controlling energy expenditure. You will also avoid that the thermal sensation is high.

If after these tips the thermal sensation is very high and you need to use air conditioning, keep in mind these practical tips.

If you find it necessary to use the air conditioner, adjust the air conditioning temperature, never by less than 21 degrees. If you go down of 21 degrees, your electricity bill will increase considerably. Use it in closed places, to maintain the temperature and turn it off once the environment is cooler avoiding opening windows or doors.

Also, put the air conditioning only when necessary, taking into account that it should always be above 26 degrees, being an efficient and healthy temperature.

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