What is the electric bulletin?


What is the electric bulletin?

What is the electric bulletin?

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The Electric Bulletin is an official document issued by an installer authorized by the Ministry.

The Electric Bulletin certifies that the installation is suitable for the supply of light, as well as its energy efficiency rating and determines the maximum allowable power.

It is also known as the Certificate of Electrical Installation (CIE), being necessary at the time of registering the Light of a supply point. It may also be required in the following cases:

  • Registration of a supply point in first occupancy homes where there has been no light.
  • When a power extension is carried out over the maximum permissible of the installation.
  • If the house is of first occupation or has been without supply for more than 3 years.
  • When a modification of the installation and / or voltage changes is made. As it can be increase of the contracted power; change from single phase to three phase installation or vice versa.

The Electric Bulletin or CIE is valid for 20 years and the person responsible for its renewal will be the owner of the supply point.

The CIE will include:

  • Identification data of the holder of the supply point
  • Supply Point Address
  • Features of the installation such as:
    • Use of the installation (depending on whether it is housing or premises)
    • Surface
    • Capacity
    • Maximum permissible power
    • Tension
    • Light meters (their location)
    • Protection data (General switch, differential switch, among others)
  • Distribution company
  • Authorized installation company
How much does the Electric Bulletin cost?

There is no regulated price for the Electric Bulletin, since it will depend on the price set by authorized installers (labor, type of installation, among others), as well as each Autonomous Community that will require some fees or others. As an estimate, we could say that the average price of the Electric Bulletin is € 150. However, it is recommended that you ask for quotes and compare prices for your area.

Special Electric Bulletin in Catalonia

It should be noted that each Autonomous Community prepares its own certificate, which is why in Catalonia the Blue Bulletin or Recognition Bulletin of the Electrical Installation (BRIE) is exclusively requested.

In Catalonia, in addition to presenting the Electric Bulletin or CIE, the Bulletin of Recognition of the Electrical Installation (BRIE) or Blue Bulletin must be delivered. It has an expiration of 6 months and must be submitted whenever a technical modification is made.

The BRIE or Blue Bulletin is a complementary certificate that guarantees that the electrical installation complies with the mandatory safety measures in accordance with current regulations.

What is the difference between CIE and BRIE?

If you reside in Catalonia you will have to provide the Bulletin of Recognition of Electrical Installations (BRIE) or Blue Bulletin in the following cases:

  • When the installation is older than 20 years in installations with maximum permissible powers up to 20 kW.
  • When an extension is carried out and the resulting final power does not exceed more than 50% of the minimum regulated load according to the type of premises, or 20 kW. The CIE may be replaced by BRIE if the extension does not exceed 50% of the initial maximum permissible power, does not exceed 20 kW and is not a place of public attendance.
  • When registering for second occupancy in installations with a power of less than or equal to 20 kW; No change of activity. The CIE may be replaced by the BRIE, if the cancellation of the previous contract has been made less than three years ago.

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