Importance of the grounding installation


Importance of the grounding installation

Importance of the grounding installation

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The grounding, also known as grounding (PAT), is an essential installation in an electrical installation as it guarantees safety and avoids serious consequences to people and electrical equipment.

The law establishes the obligatory nature of the grounding installation for supply points and buildings and their homes.

According to the Low Voltage electrotechnical regulation and complementary technical instructions, ITC-BT-18, the grounding is the direct electrical connection, without fuses or any protection, of a part of the electrical circuit or a conductive part not belonging to it by a ground with an electrode or groups of electrodes buried in the ground.

Why is the grounding installation so important?

The grounding or grounding (PAT) is a safety mechanism that must be part of the electrical installation. Said protection system leads to possible deviations of current to the earth, preventing users from coming into direct contact with electricity.

Consequences of a bad grounding installation

The ground must ensure that no dangerous power differences appear at the point of supply. Failure to install a grounding or improper installation can result in serious injury to users. The damages that a person can suffer according to the intensity of current that circulates through his body can be:

  • With an effective intensity of 3-15 mA it can lead to difficulty in movement and muscle seizure.
  • With an intensity of 15-25 mA and minute contact can lead to respiratory difficulties and contractions.
  • With an intensity of 25-50 mA and contact of seconds it can lead to cardiac alterations and unconsciousness.
  • With an intensity between 50-5000 mA it can derive at the beginning of electrocution.
  • With an intensity greater than 5000 mA it can lead to irreversible cardiac arrest and burns.
Who is responsible for installing the ground?

The installation of the earth connection is the responsibility of the customer, and must ensure that its electrical installation is adequate and at the same time, an authorized technician must certify it through the Electrical Bulletin.

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