What are the obligations of the Distribution Companies?


What are the obligations of the Distribution Companies?

What are the obligations of the Distribution Companies?

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The Distribution Companies are in charge of transporting the energy generated in the power plants to the different supply points. Its activity is based on managing the installation and maintenance of High and Low Voltage Distribution systems, as well as that of measuring equipment (EDM).

responsible for buying energy and selling it to their customers, using distribution networks.

Differences between Distributors and Marketers



Perform installation and maintenance


Service Billing


Buy and sell electricity


Resolve incidents and breakdowns in the supply


Reading measurement


Guarantee the quality of supply

The main distributors


C. Autónoma



E-Distribución (Endesa)

Andalucía, Extremadura, Murcia, Castilla la Mancha



Aragón, Castilla y León, Navarra, La Rioja, C.Valenciana



Islas Baleares



Islas Canarias 






I-De Redes Eléctricas Inteligentes (Iberdrola) 




Unión Fenosa Distribución (Naturgy) 




E-Redes (EDP) 




Viesgo Distribución (Repsol)  




There are also “independent Distributors”, arising from the liberalization of the electricity market and are not part of the Reference Distributors mentioned above.

Obligations of the Distributors

The Distributor companies, as holders of the distribution networks, will have the obligations contemplated in art. 40 of Royal Decree 842/2002, of August 2, which approves the low voltage electrotechnical regulation.

  • Installation and maintenance of the Medium and Low Voltage networks.
  • Installation and maintenance of the Measurement Equipment (Counters and Maximeters)
  • Proceed with the measurement and reading of the energy that circulates through its border points.
  • Provide consumption data to Marketers.
  • Troubleshooting due to power failure.
  • Proceed with the expansion of distribution facilities when necessary to meet new demands for electricity supply.
  • To inform the competent authorities, and the subjects affected, of any manipulation or alteration of the measuring equipment. As well as fraud situations and other anomalous situations.
  • Apply and collect from the subjects the prices and charges according to the law. As can be the rights of rush, among others.
  • Demand guarantees from subjects that contract access to their distribution networks under the terms established by regulation.
  • Demand that the installations and receiving devices of the users that connect to their networks meet the technical and construction conditions that are determined by the state regulations, requiring the obliged subjects to have the measurement and control equipment established in the regulations of application.
  • Supervise that the facilities meet the necessary requirements for the activation of the new registration.
  • Periodically review mandatory light installations.

Royal Decree 842/2002, ITC-BT 11 and ITC-BT 12 establishes the boundary between the elements responsible for the Distribution Company (Distribution Networks and Rush) and that of the users.

The Rush will be the responsibility of the Distributor Company up to the limit of the General Protection Fund (CGP) or fuse box or, failing that, to the counter. Therefore, from the accountant or CGP onwards, being the individual derivation, will be the responsibility of the holder of the supply point.

  • Both the connection and the section between the distribution network and the fuses of the CGP or the counter module are the responsibility of the holder of the supply point. Therefore, if it is damaged or very old, you should hire an authorized electrician or installer to solve such an incident.
  • In a new electrical installation of all its elements and its interior installation, they must be installed by an electrician in charge of the holder of the supply point. The Distributor Company will only place the Accountant and connect the Rush to its electricity grid.
  • For the change of individual branch, section between the meter and the CGP, it must be carried out by an authorized installer. For the change of connection, section between the public electricity grid and the connector of the supply point, will be carried out by the Distribution Company. The electrical networks and Rush are the sole responsibility of the Distribution Companies, their installation, maintenance, replacement and repair.
Steps to follow:
  1. The owner of the electrical installation must request the registration of the supply to the Distributor Company, giving you a copy of the Installation Certificate.
  2. The Distributor Company may carry out, at its expense, the verifications it deems appropriate. It cannot register the supply point if the corresponding copy of the Installation Certificate duly filled out by the competent body of the Autonomous Community is not delivered.

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