We help you solve some doubts raised by COVID-19


We help you solve some doubts raised by COVID-19

We help you solve some doubts raised by COVID-19

Saving Covid 1

Due to the health crisis by the COVID-19, and being decreed the state of alarm, we care for you and we have enabled telecommuting systems to guarantee the supply of light and adequate care.

That is why, to prevent and control the epidemic, we should stay at home, so electricity supply is essential and cannot be lacking. Therefore, do not worry about staying at home, because at Lumisa we can manage all the work online.

We answer some questions that may arise during the quarantine period.


If I quarantine at home, will my electric bill be more expensive than before?

If during this state of alarm you stay at home, the electricity consumption will naturally be higher. Therefore, to save on our bill, we recommend customers with discriminatory rates 2.0DHA and 2.1DHA to make the highest consumption (such as the washing machine, oven, etc.) during the cheapest period (VALLEY) from 10 p.m. to 12 p.m.

However, customers with rates 2.0A and 2.1A do not have time discrimination, where the price is the same at all times of the day. But Lumisa’s customers can rest assured that, despite price increases in 2020, Lumisa’s electricity prices remain the same as in 2019.

Why do the fuse suddenly blow when the whole family is home?

When we stay at home the whole family during the period of alarm, all the members are using electricity at the same time: Daniel is watching TV, Susan is drying her hair, Jason is vacuuming, also with the washing machine running and Anna is ironing the clothes; At this time you may suddenly run out of light. This is because too many appliances are being used at the same time and there is not enough power for it. The power you have contracted means a limitation on the number of electrical appliances you can use at the same time, that is, when the limit of the contracted power is exceeded, the fuse will blow.

In this case, you can choose to avoid the simultaneous use of many household appliances or, of course, you can also contact Lumisa to increase the power. Lumisa staff will first verify the maximum power that your supply can request and, if there is scope to increase the power, we can help you with the power change request.


If I have closed my business, do I have to cancel the light supply?

We do not recommend that you cancel the light supply if you have closed the business due to the state of alarm, because, if you wish to register later as a new supply point, it has a regulated cost in Royal Decree 1995/2000 of December 1 that will be charged by your distributor through Lumisa (access rights and engagement rights), where these costs are calculated for each kW contracted.

If you do not want to pay just the contracted power without having consumed energy, you can contact Lumisa staff to help you calculate, compare and see which option is more profitable.

If I don't cancel the supply, what is my fixed cost?

The power term is billed daily for the kW contracted for the unit price regardless of whether there is consumption or not. The price of the power term being 30 days a month, not including VAT and the rental of measuring equipment, is:

  • Equal to or less than 10 kW: 3.4743 € / month
  • 10 kW to 15 kW: 3.8148 € / month
  • More than 15 kW: 3,4959 / € month (peak period); 2.09754 € / month (flat period); 1,39836 € / month (valley period)

If you want to reduce the contracted power during the cessation of the business, you will also reduce the monthly fixed cost and we inform you that, during this exceptional crisis, power reductions shall be allowed regardless of whether they have made modifications during the last year and subsequent increases after the normalisation of the situation.

At Lumisa we help you and inform you that Lumisa will not charge for this management in the power decreases requested during the alarm state. Remember that, the modification of the power contracted entails costs regulated by Royal Decree 1995/2000 that will be reflected in the following invoice with Lumisa Energías. We list them here.

If you are considering changing the power to reduce the cost of the contracted power but you do not know how much you would save or how much you would pay, use our calculator.

If my measuring equipment is in my closed business, will the Distribution Company estimate my power consumption?

If your meter is not digital or remote management, that is, if it is analog, the Distribution Company is likely to estimate your electricity consumption. In this case, please inform Lumisa and tell us when your business was closed so we can track your consumption more closely.

Prevention measures

From LUMISA ENERGÍAS, S.L. we adhere to the recommendations made by the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, as well as by the Spanish Government in relation to the epidemic of coronavirus COVID-19.

For this reason, we have enabled telework systems protecting the health and safety of our employees, attending to the fulfillment of our commitments and reinforcing the online and telematic options.

We recommend you to make your operations online or by phone:

  • Through our email atcliente@lumisa.es.
  • Calling our free phone 900 811 473.
  • We encourage you to register in the Lumisa's Customer Zone to make oparations at any time and from any place. In addition, you can easily activate your invoice in PDF format and receive all the information about your consumption directly in your email.
  • Or through our enabled Wechat, ID: lumisaeu (633333839)

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