Solidarity masks


Solidarity masks

Solidarity masks

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State Grid Corporation of China donates 10,000 Solidarity Masks, of which you can receive a pack of 10 masks for free at home through this platform sponsored by Lumisa. We are also working to get more masks and offer them to everyone! If you are or you were a client of Lumisa, you only have to fill out this form and we will send them free to your home.

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, updated on March 30, 2020, in Spain more than 85,195 people were infected, 16,780 recovered and 7,340 deaths. (Source: La Vanguardia)

In the face of the pandemic, we must all collaborate together. The State Grid Corporation of China began to worry about the Chinese abroad when the coronavirus outbreak began to spread rapidly in Spain, due to the lack of medical materials and materials for the prevention of infection, so at first they contacted Lumisa, wishing that through Lumisa we could distribute the masks. Right now there are 10,000 masks on the way to Barcelona. Free mask distribution starts today!

The staff of the State Grid Corporation of China stated: "When the number of infections in China was increasing more and more, the Chinese in Spain supported the homeland without any doubt. Currently, the outbreak is spreading through Spain, however, we sympathize and with the Chinese in Spain we are a family connected by our homeland."

We will take over the shipment and actively cooperate with the State Grid Corporation of China to get the masks to our customers and "jointly fight the epidemic".



How to get my free masks?

Step 1: Fill out the following form with your personal or company information to register.

Step 2: After you have successfully registered, a text will appear with your INVITATION CODE, copy and forward this text to your friends so that they become customers and can also receive their masks. And you can get 100 kW for you and your guest!  

At Lumisa we recommend:

  • Consciously isolate yourself at home.
  • Do not leave home unless necessary.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Keep the virus away!

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We help you solve some doubts raised by COVID-19

We help you solve some doubts raised by COVID-19

Paying your invoices is now easier!

Paying your invoices is now easier!


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