How the electric sector works?

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  • Producer

    They are in charge of producing energy. In our country there are different production plants such as: conventional thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, or alternative energies such as wind farms, photovoltaic power plants, etc.

  • Carrier

    The person in charge of the transport of high voltage energy in our country is Red Eléctrica de España (REE).

  • Distributor

    The distribution remains regulated by the State, each of them are responsible for maintenance and different areas of the country.

  • Marketer

    Here is Lumisa: in charge of buying energy and billing consumers. We use the networks of the distributors. So you should not worry about running out of electricity.

  • You

    Finally you are here as the consumer.

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The electric market

National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC)
It is the body that promotes and defends the proper functioning of all markets in the interests of consumers and companies, including Energy.

Spanish Electric Network (Ree)
Red Eléctrica Española acts as the operator of Spanish electrical systems. It is responsible for the transportation network and the operation of the stable Spanish electricity system, independently of production and distribution.

It is the System Operator Information System. It is designed to execute the processes that allow the safe and economic use of the Spanish electricity system in real time.

Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy
It is an agency attached to the Ministry for Ecological Transition, through the State Secretariat of Energy, on which it depends organically. They work to improve energy efficiency, renewable energy and other low carbon technologies. It carries out actions of diffusion and formation, technical advice, development of specific programs and financing of projects of technological innovation and replicable character.

(OMIE) Operator of the Iberian Energy Market
It is the operator of the Iberian energy market. Informs about the state of the market.

Associations and organizations for the consumer

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU)
The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) is an independent non-profit private association with the objective of informing, advising and defending the rights of consumers.

Council of Consumers and Users (CCU)
It is the body of representation and consultation of national scope of consumer and user organizations with state implantation.

Consumers in action
It is a non-governmental organization, non-profit, dedicated since its inception, to the defense of consumer rights.

Spanish Confederation of organizations of housewives, consumers and users (CEACCU)
Independent consumer organization of Spain, non-profit, dedicated to information, training, representation and consumer protection.

ASGECO (General Consumers Association)
Confederation of national scope that brings together numerous organizations and consumer federations throughout the country.

Spanish Association of the Electrical Industry
It is a professional organization of sectoral nature, for the representation, promotion, management and defense of the general and common interests of its members, as well as the electric sector.

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