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With the indexed rate you will pay the energy consumed at the price set by the electricity market, plus a small fee of 3,9 €/month to cover our management expenses.


You will pay at all times for the electricity you consume at the wholesale market cost price.


You will be able to see at any time the price of energy stipulated by Red Eléctrica Española.


You will be able to adapt your consumption to the different tariff periods by shifting the activities of high electricity consumption at these times.


You can change your rate whenever and however you want at any time.

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Compare an electricity bill and discover the savings if you contract with Lumisa It's very easy and fast! You can find a series of Rates according to your needs. You only need a recent invoice that allows us to calculate the best one rate based on your characteristics.


Plans and prices

At Lumisa we offer you a rate at cost price, valid for supplies with access rate 2.0TD and power less than or equal to 15 kW.

Variable price

Indexed Rate

With the indexed rate you will pay what you have consumed each hour of the day at the price set by the electricity market in those hours, plus a small fixed monthly fee to cover management expenses.

Price of the energy you consume at cost price.

Monthly fee of only 3.9 € for management expenses.

Management expenses 3,9 €/month

The amount of the monthly price of the energy term will be calculated by periods by multiplying the price calculated as established below in the following formula:

Indexed Price = [(OMIE + ADJUSTMENTS + RO + CO) x (1 + PR(%)) + FNEE + BS] x (1 + CD(%)) + ATR

OMIE = Average price for each tariff period of the result of the matching of the daily Spanish electricity market

RO = Remuneration to system operators (REE) and market (OMIE)

PR(%) = Losses from transmission and distribution networks

BS = Contribution to the social bond

ATR = Access tolls

ADJUSTMENTS = Includes, among other terms, the costs of adjustment services, interruptibility, capacity payments, and other concepts of energy supplied in the daily market

CO = Operational Marketing Cost defined in the particular conditions

FNEE = National Fund for Energy Efficiency

CD(%) = Cost of diversions

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Rate periods
Monday to Friday working days
24h 8h 10h 14h 18h 22h
Peak (P1) Flat (P2) Valley (P3)
Energy history

The prices shown are the average price of the last 12 months prepared with data from OMIE.


Particular conditions - Indexed Rate

The prices of the energy term are calculated based on the price formula that appears in the General Contracting Conditions and will be updated monthly according to the variations that the values of said formula may experience. Prices indicated do not include VAT or electricity tax. Variations that occur in access tolls, charges, taxes and / or any other applicable taxes will be passed on up or down as appropriate.

For the configuration of prices, the ATR provided for in Circular 3/2020, of January 15, has been taken into account, which establishes the methodology for the calculation of transport tolls and electricity distribution and Royal Decree 148/2021, of March 9, which establishes the methodology for calculating the charges of the electricity system.

The variations that occur in access tolls, charges, taxes and / or any of the applicable taxes, even newly created, will be passed on to the customer up or down depending on proceed.

General contracting conditions

These prices include all the items that make up the cost of electricity in the liberalized market, except the rental of metering equipment transferred by the distribution company, electricity tax and VAT.


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