How to become independent as a young in 2021?


How to become independent as a young in 2021?

How to become independent as a young in 2021?

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The situation for young people to leave home nowadays in Spain is not easy. But if you are young, you already know this. However, even if it is alone, with friends or with a partner, the need to become independent still exists. How to become independent with little money? What do you have to take into account to become independent? Lumisa is going to explain everything you need to know to take the step.

When is the right time to become independent?

According to Eurostat data published last year, in Spain the average age at which people become independent from their families is 29.5 years old, while in the rest of Europe the average age is 26.2 years old. On the other hand, the report indicates that in 2019, 64.5% of Spaniards aged between 18 and 34 still lived with their parents, a figure that has increased by more than 10% since 2010. From the Instituto de la Juventud, they state that the covid-19 pandemic has caused many young people to dismiss the idea of emancipating themselves, mainly due to lack of money and instability in income, which have their origin in job insecurity, with low salaries, as well as the existence in Spain of a real estate market beyond their reach.

However, there is no specific age for emancipation; each person decides when is the right time to leave behind life with their parents and start a new adventure. What you must be clear about is that you must have a certain economic cushion so that this stage does not come in fits and starts, in other words, so that you do not have to go back to your old home because you have run out of resources.

How to become independent?

Be sure

The first thing you need, although it may seem obvious, is the desire to do it. Whatever age you are, if you put your mind to it, it will be easier than if you force yourself to do it. Talk it over with your parents or people you trust and ask them for advice, don't forget that they have also been young and have gone through this moment just like you, however different things may have been a few years ago.

Looking for a flat

If you don't have a lot of money to leave home, you need to be aware of this. There are usually two ways: either stay at home with your parents until you reach a certain amount of money that will allow you to enjoy that peace of mind, or look for a house within your available budget, being aware that it will probably not be a palace (especially if you want to live in a big Spanish city).

For example, you can establish that you will leave your home when your economy reaches 6000 euros and save to achieve it.

Therefore, if your question is "how to become independent at 18?" or another early age, the answer may be found sharing home with other people, as you may not have too much money. If your roommates are friends, you may find the transition easier, but if you are an extroverted person with a flair for meeting people, living with (at first) strangers may be another good option.

Grants and subsidies

When you are thinking of moving out on your own, think both the central and regional governments have grants that you could benefit from if you meet a series of requirements.

Currently, there is the Plan Estatal de Vivienda 2018-2021, which has up to 10 programmes from the Spanish government for aid and subsidies dedicated to housing, among which is the Youth Aid Programme. This is an aid of up to 10,800 euros for the purchase of a home for those under 35 years of age, provided that they do not exceed 22,550.77 euros of annual income, for homes located in municipalities of less than 5,000 inhabitants. To apply, you should contact the housing departments of the autonomous community in which you live.

Barcelona City Council, for example, offers three types of aid: permanent benefit for the payment of rent, special emergency economic benefit and subsidy for the payment of rent.

However, as we have told you, each Autonomous Community has its own aid programme for young people so that they can enjoy decent housing, which is included in the Plan Estatal de Vivienda 2018-2021, extended until December 2022. In addition, there is also the option of applying for subsidised housing (VPO). Basically, this is housing that is priced below the market price, but has certain limitations, the requirements imposed by the Autonomous Communities.

Make a list of fixed and variable expenses

The key to know the real money you will have to live on. Think that there are a series of fixed expenses that cannot be avoided in order to survive on a daily basis and that if you have to cut back on something, it will have to be the money you list under variable expenses, because they are the ones we mainly spend on leisure.

Calculate the cost of buying a house.

The fixed or individualised expenses include, basically, the bills for basic services: water, gas, internet connection and electricity. Spanish law allows rental contracts to decide which company will supply the electricity, although it specifies that if it is a long term contract, a change of ownership will be necessary, while if the contract is for a shorter period, a simple change of bank account will be enough to make it effective.

Therefore, making the change to Lumisa is free and very simple and, even if it is a rented flat and you are planning to move to a stable place when your economy allows you, you can benefit from the rates that we propose.

Also, don't forget that if you bring a friend to Lumisa you will both benefit from 100 kWh free, which can be accumulated for the following month if you don't use it.

To change your name, call free on 900 811 473 or send us the following details to

  • Full name and CIF number of the former holder.
  • Full name and CIF number of the new owner.
  • CUPS code and contracted power.
  • New bank account for payment of invoices.
  • Contact details and a contact telephone number, as well as an e-mail address.

We cannot specify the variable costs one by one because, as we say, it will depend on each person. If you are used to eating out or going out every weekend for a party (when it was possible) or if you are used to travelling a lot, you might have to rethink what you think is more worthwhile: independence or that. In short, on this list you will have to include all those "extra" expenses that you have in your day-to-day life. It's not a question of doing without them from the start, but it will help you to know what you can cut back on if times get tough.

Save (if you can) a bit of money for possible unforeseen events, such as untimely repairs.

In short, there is no ideal time to emancipate, the times are marked by the stability of each person's life and, if the idea is to buy, the fluctuations in the property market and each person's own judgement in choosing the right moment to leave home. Being aware of what everyone has and having saved money, as well as having a regular fixed income, are the three aspects to think before becoming independent and starting to link up your life.


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